Get ready for Teltonika Networks Level 2 Technical Training

Get ready for Teltonika Networks Level 2 Technical Training

Last year we launched Essential Level 1 Technical Training. Since that time, more than 110 participants completed the three-day training and received certification. The program attracted a lot of interest from the technical staff of various companies right from the beginning, and this was a strong indication for us that such training was needed and valued. Based on the high attendance and the feedback we got from participants, we decided to develop a follow-up Level 2 Training as soon as we could.

What to expect in Essential Level 2 Technical Training?

Get ready for Teltonika Networks Level 2 Technical Training

Although we developed Level 2 as a follow-up on the Essential Level 1 Teltonika Networks Technical Training, there is no prerequisite to have completed the previous certification program. During Level 1 Training, attendees cover topics like network fundamentals, product information, primary RutOS services, and RMS practice. Some engineers that have been familiar with Teltonika Networks products and services for many years may feel that Level 1 Training would not benefit them as much and join Level 2 right away.

The Level 2 Training is aimed at more advanced users of our networking devices and systems. It will be a more hands-on experience that will include live configuration of various RutOS services, such as failover, load balancing, traffic rules, Modbus, OpenVPN, JSON-RPC, and more. These practical sessions will teach how to set up various features and help better understand their benefits and potential applications.

This level of training will also incorporate backend demonstrations. You will have a chance to learn various network configurations, setting up Firewall, OpenVPN client and server, mobile settings, and other useful practical information.

Get ready for Teltonika Networks Level 2 Technical Training

What will the training be like?

Those who completed Level 1 Technical Training are already familiar with the experienced trainer Vytautas Gustaitis, who will continue to lead the Level 2 program. Vytautas has over five years of experience with Teltonika Networks devices and is an expert in RutOS, highly skilled at services like Modbus, MQTT, Mobile, VPN, and others.

„After Essential Level 1 Teltonika Networks Technical Training, our clients returned with more in-depth information about networking as a whole and, of course, Teltonika Networks device features. But the time we had was not enough to look at how to use those features practically. For this reason, we are releasing Essential Level 2 Teltonika Network Technical Training where besides configuring some of the main RutOS features, we are also going to test them! “– explains Vytautas.

The program is entirely online and takes part on MS Teams spread over two days. The breakdown of the training is 10 hours of presentation combined with live demo and followed by discussion sessions (2 hours in total). We only accept small groups of up to ten people to avail sufficient time and attention to each participant. An exam will finalize the training to acquire an Essential Teltonika Networks Level 2 Technical Certificate.

To find more details on the program, please visit the Teltonika Networks Certification Program page. We will also host a live webinar introducing the newest addition to the Certification Program, so feel free to join us on the 11th of November and hear all information straight from the training coordinator Vytautas Gustaitis and Andrius Unikas.

Boost Your Sales Teams Performance with Sales Training

While Technical Training is a fast-track for growing successful teams working with Teltonika Networks devices, we have also developed a specialized program path for the Salespeople. While becoming an excellent consultative sales specialist of a technology product entails sufficient technical knowledge, it does not require such in-depth practical application skills. We prepared a tailored training program focused on Teltonika Networks device benefits, specific use cases, and creating new business opportunities by offering additional value. To learn more about the Sales Training, please visit our previous announcement.