Partnership success: What have Bondix and Teltonika Networks been up to?


/Partnership success: What have Bondix and Teltonika Networks been up to?

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Q: I have a setup with several Bondix tunnels that go through the Network address translation (NAT), central Firmware (FW), and endpoints. This way, my developers can use the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol on devices from anywhere in the world.

A: Thank you for sharing this information with us. We’re glad you're enjoying your experience with Teltonika Networks and Bondix Intelligence.

Q: Is it possible to use Teltonika Networks routers’ Port open or Port forward functions together with Bondix services?

A: Yes, every Teltonika Networks router function is compatible with Bondix services. Though, keep in mind that you’ll have to configure the functions of the Bondix S.A.NE server accordingly. If it gets tricky, Bondix Support will be happy to assist you.

Q: How many milliseconds of delay are added when Bondix is connected?

A: It depends on the physical distance between the S.A.NE server and the client: if the server is located in the same country as its client, the delay can take up to 8 milliseconds. If there's a greater distance, an additional latency will affect the delay.

Q: Is the Bondix Intelligence server a separate service? Does it cost extra?

A: It is a separate service. However, many Bondix Intelligence partners offer S.A.NE servers hosted by them. You can also resort to self-hosting at no extra cost with S.A.NE server license that’s always included in the S.A.NE subscription.

Q: If you change LAN ports to WAN, can you bond more than four links in total? For example, if RUTX12 has five WAN ports and Wi-Fi, can all six links be bonded?

A: You can add more than four links by changing LAN ports to WAN, but overall, only four links can be bonded together simultaneously. It’s up to you to decide which four links will be bonded.

Q: How would you compare Bondix S.A.NE to the SDWAN?

A: While the traditional SDWAN is defined as a solution that ensures reliable and safe data transmission to the Internet and organizational intranet by using failover and load balancing functions, they are mostly tailored to specific hardware. Bondix S.A.NE provides absolute bandwidth aggregation and is completely hardware-agnostic, meaning Bondix combines the bandwidths of all available WAN links no matter the hardware (as long as the hardware supports OpenWRT).

Q: How does Bondix deal with multi-network SIMs which are set to auto mode? Will they have jitter issues as they interchange between different networks?

A: This is not a problem for Bondix S.A.NE. The traffic is transmitted without interruptions as long as at least one WAN link is active. Even a poor, single WAN link can achieve a reliable bonded connection using the Bondix S.A.NE packet duplication.

Q: Can you use Bondix with any type of router? Will there be any problems or does it need additional settings?

A: You can connect any type of router via Ethernet WAN ports, or Wi-Fi.

Q: What kind of module does the RUTX50 router have? Does it have a dual SIM feature?

A: The RUTX50 has a single 5G module. If you’d like to know more about it, check this datasheet. If you’re looking for a router with 4G LTE dual SIM feature, check out our RUTX12 router.

Q: How was the Starlink connected to the RUTX12 in your presented success story?

A: In this use case, the router was connected to the Starlink via an Ethernet cable using a WAN port.

Q: Where can I find Bondix free trial license?

A: You can find the free, 7-day Bondix trial here that you can test with Teltonika Networks routers. If you want to know the release versions, click here.