2020 - a year in review

2020 - a year in review

Unprecedented times and extraordinary efforts

2020 will remain in our collective memory as one of the most challenging and unpredictable times in decades. We witnessed the beginning of a global pandemic, nature’s cataclysms, and political turbulences. We had to change the way we work, connect, and live in general. But it was not all just negative. As humanity, we were all forced to adapt and learned some valuable lessons. There was a lot of change happening, but with change comes the opportunity.

2020 - a year in review

At Teltonika Networks – our goals were as ambitious as ever. Despite the turbulence in various domains of the market, we aimed to continue growing globally while increasing our market share, where mission-critical connectivity for IoT, enterprise, or retail applications plays an essential role in economic development and smart technologies.

We kicked the year off by hosting a massive Teltonika Russia Summit in the heart of Moscow. It was the first of many partner events we had planned for 2020. Unfortunately, soon after it, we all heard alarming signals that later turned into a fully-fledged global pandemic. Like most, we had no other choice but to cancel all planned events and business trips and quickly shift our focus towards understanding the risks and potential impact of COVID-19. First, we took the necessary steps to ensure our supply chain is as resilient as ever, even considering increased component lead-times. We had to quickly adapt to a new way of working when most of our sales force joined the so-called „biggest work from home experiment of our times.“ However, this did not affect our targets nor ambition.

2020 - a year in review

Global focus = global opportunities
As indicated in the Teltonika IoT Group vision statement - we aspire to become one of the global leaders in providing unique IoT solutions that make people's lives easier. To achieve this goal, we need to think globally. We focus on our growth not just outside of Lithuania but outside of Europe too. As a result, we obtained multiple certifications for our products that opened the markets in Indonesia, Japan, Australia, the USA, and Brazil. Working on international certifications is an investment that will bring new opportunities in 2021 and years to follow.. Working on international certifications is an investment that will bring new opportunities in 2021 and years to follow.

Moreover, as a part of Teltonika IoT Group – we gained a presence in newly opened offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Morocco, and Australia. It is an essential step towards our mission of becoming a global leader in the development of unique IoT solutions and being close to our clients. Today, we have 26 offices located in 18 countries worldwide, and more are coming soon. Local sales, stock, and support are the core components to helping our partners gain more opportunities.

2020 - a year in review

Ambitious portfolio expansion
Regardless of the gravity of 2020, it was a very significant year when it came to our product portfolio expansion. We have released five products to help our partners implement hundreds of new use cases and further strengthen our position as one of the market leaders in mission-critical industrial and IoT connectivity solutions.

First, we introduced the TRB2 series. We have incorporated all our experience in the cellular connectivity area with our clients' feedback to offer two new gateways – TRB245 and TRB255 with many different interfaces, including serial, like RS232, RS485, Ethernet, and multiple Inputs / Outputs. Small size, increased performance, and versatility are the factors that make these products very competitive in their segment.

Next, we launched our first-ever switch with PoE technology - TSW100. It is a small, rugged, and durable industrial device. In addition to connecting various professional equipment via five Gigabit Ethernet ports, it may also power up the PoE compatible devices with up to 30W power per port. Besides, TSW100 does not require any configuration, and it automatically detects the power requirements.

June was a BIG month because we presented our star product - a dual SIM LTE Cat 6 cellular router with load balancing functionality - RUTX12. Dual modem allows this device to reach a throughput of up to 600 Mbps when two modems work simultaneously. RUTX12 is the most powerful device in the Teltonika Networks portfolio, designed for solutions where high data throughput and uninterrupted connectivity are a must-have.

However, we did not stop with RUTX12, although we were pleased with the result. We decided to explore another area and created something completely different - our first-ever rack-mountable LTE Cat 6 cellular enterprise router with an SFP port - RUTXR1. What makes this device special is a unique combination of connectivity features, including dual SIM for connection redundancy, five Gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi, and SFP, allowing to connect a fiber-optic cable directly without any additional converters.

And lastly, a product we are incredibly proud of - our Remote Management System (RMS). Throughout 2020, the RMS evolved from a device management application into a sophisticated IoT platform, offering different functionalities and service packages. We have even bigger plans for RMS in 2021, so stay tuned!

2020 - a year in review

What the future holds
Looking to 2021 and beyond, we plan to continue our fast pace and high ambitions. Although the year has only started, we have already presented two new devices to the public - RUT360, and TSW110. New devices will seek to help our partners capture even more opportunities and feature some of the most demanded updates, such as increased cellular connectivity speeds. Another portfolio direction that you might have already noticed will be expanding our switch and router offering directed towards the industrial connectivity sector, where cellular or wireless connectivity is not required. We are happy to use what we have learned over the years of creating mission-critical communication solutions and adapt that to a slightly different market with the same product development approach. We continue implementing our philosophy by providing devices that are reliable, secure, and easy to use.

We will also continue our focus on upgrading our RutOS functionalities and expanding RMS capabilities. With the last year's creation of Management, Connect, and API profiles, RMS became a fully-fledged IoT platform. We will continue upgrading it through 2021, so you may expect some significant advancements.

Great goals require continuous efforts across all areas. Starting a new year is the best time to reflect, and what we learned from 2020 was that change is not just inevitable, but it also brings new opportunities, not just challenges. We take this chance to thank all of our partners and the whole community using Teltonika Networks devices. Thanks for trusting your crucial connectivity to us! We look forward to helping you connect in 2021!