Join us at Micron and Tata Communications IoT Security Conference!

Join us at Micron and Tata Communications IoT Security Conference!

We have witnessed exponential growth in the IoT industry over the past decades. The expectations are for IoT to reach up to $11T in economic value by 2025. Therefore, the concerns regarding its’ safety are becoming a highly discussed topic.

Maintaining a services business within the IoT sector might be frustrating due to a wide range of hardware components, complicated supply chain, and a multitude of available software applications. This variety makes it difficult to ensure the security of IoT products and device-to-cloud transfer.

In this online conference, Teltonika Networks along with the most respected names in the will discuss important trends in IoT security and services and give insights on ways to streamline the processes. Join our exciting company for just half a day in some engaging and relevant keynotes, an IoT panel by industry experts, plus a live demo. Here is the agenda of the event:


Authenta – Enabling Massive Deployment of IoT (Micron)

Digital Transformation – The Rise of Edge Computing and The Role of IoT Hardware and Cellular (Tata Communications)

Cyber Security: The Key to Achieving IoT’s Enormous Potential (Privafy)

Roundtable Discussion

How We Enable Massive Scaling of IoT Connectivity and Services

Micron and Tata Communications Joint Presentation

Demonstration of NEW “Joint Micron and Tata Communications Service” for IoT

Breakout Rooms

Teltonika Networks, Fornetix, Micron, Murata, Nanolock, NetFoundry, Privafy, SanCloud, Security Platform, Tata Communications and Oasis SmartSim, Trustiphi

The program is the same on both days, so you may choose whatever fits your time zone and schedule. The live online conference will be presented free of charge on October 27 (9:00 a.m. PST) and again on October 28 (9:00 a.m. CET).