Public transport connectivity

Public transport connectivity


Most bus passengers today enjoy high speed public WiFi, pay for tickets online and track bus arrival times using their smartphone. Moreover, majority of public transportation users cannot imagine their trips without seeing relevant information on bus mounted digital signage screens as well as without security cameras ensuring their safety. All of this would not be possible without advanced communications hardware connecting people, equipment and cloud services into one seamless system.


In order to keep up with competitors and the needs of passengers the bus companies are searching for reliable, easily deployable and cost-effective solutions to ensure public Wi-Fi, empower electronic payment systems, CCTV cameras and digital signage screens. All of the components of such solution would not be possible without reliable Internet source and advanced communications hardware.


RUT955 was the perfect choice for this solution because of a few reasons. Since it includes a variety of different components using wired and wireless connection, it needed to have a wide range of connectors and interfaces to integrate everything into one fully functioning system, which could be supervised remotely. This highly secure and reliable industrial router is equipped with Ethernet, Digital & Analogue I/Os, RS232, RS485, microSD, and USB, meaning it is capable of connecting legacy ticketing terminals, CCTV cameras, a panic button, digital signage screens and accepting card payments. Besides, it has a GNSS module for accurate location tracking and dual SIM failover for connectivity redundancy. RUT955 also allows setting up a secured and managed hotspot for the bus travelers, and collecting data for marketing purposes. And all of this can be easily managed through our Remote Management System (RMS).




WHY Teltonika Networks?

RUT955 by Teltonika is a single device able to address most onboard connectivity challenges with ease. It is favored amongst our partners in transport field due to reliable connection it is able to provide using auto switching dual SIMs, large number of physical interfaces and E-mark certification. Moreover, RUT955 is compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) which allows system operators to conveniently manage their fleet of routers remotely from anywhere even without Public IP!

Produit en vedette RUT955

Routeur cellulaire professionnel double SIM 4G / LTE et WiFi robuste. Cet appareil industriel hautement sécurisé et fiable est équipé d'interfaces Ethernet, numériques et analogiques, RS232, RS485, GNSS (GPS), microSD et USB. En savoir plus sur la page wiki


LTE Cat 4 with speeds up to 150 Mbps


Dual SIM – significantly reduce roaming costs


GNSS positioning with geofencing functionality


RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces


Multiple Inputs/Outputs for remote monitoring and control


Teltonika Networks Remote Management System compatible