Remotely managed photo booths

Remotely managed photo booths


Nowadays, with the rise of smartphone culture and their evolving AI-driven cameras, people are rarely using other methods for photography as well as printing services. The film has become more of a hobby and photo albums are rarely seen around households anymore. Businesses ought to look at this niche more creatively if they wish to continue their occupation. Our partner, Lensley Automatic, offers a photo booth rental for venues and events. They looked at it from a new angle and started to utilize it as a great tool to increase publicity and collect valuable marketing data.


The challenge for Lensley Automatic was twofold: on one hand, making it attractive enough for the customers of various establishments to use it while having perfectly good phone cameras in their pockets and on the other hand, convince businesses their solution offers enough added value for them to be placed in their venues. So, how does it work? When a guest takes a photo, they have to enter their email address into an email list to receive the branded photo. Bingo! Now they are on the mailing list.

However, challenges are to be expected, when personal data is involved, like emails. Certain security requirements must be ensured. Also, photo booths need remote management capability. It would make no sense to send someone physically to look after each mechanism for every firmware update, uploading branded content, adding greeting messages, and other easily remotely executed tasks. And finally, more than one connectivity option is required for this solution as, although using a network that is already available in the venue sounds tempting, it is not always the most reliable option. Having independent connectivity essentially makes this a plug and play solution, which eases up deployment a great deal.



Lensley Automatic is a company that offers the next generation of photobooth. They have taken the classic booth experience and then kicked it up a notch with a fresh cage-free design, superior optics, and the latest in digital technology.


Soracom provides global IoT network cellular connectivity for businesses in smart IoT agriculture, energy, consumer, manufacturing, transportation, and medical industries. Their cellular connection sets up businesses to remotely manage devices around the world, and “pay as you go” pricing saves money.



According to Lensley themselves, Teltonika Networks RUT240 router provides an all in one swiss army knife of connection. While they always prefer a local wired or wireless connection, the cellular backup ensured by our device and Soracom SIM card provides always-on accessibility and peace of mind and guarantees uptime. Advanced security features of Teltonika Networks networking devices ensure the safe delivery of media to the customers and communication with the centralized servers.

Also, this solution enables a possibility to connect and remotely administer an IP switch as well as to reach the main computing controller conveniently. Remote management of the installations gives flexibility and saves time whenever any issues occur.



As the client described their reasons for the choice: “We chose Teltonika Networks because we were able to find the right connectivity options in a reliable package at a fair price. It gives us exactly the options we need in a package no bigger or more expensive than necessary. Soracom’s buckets of data across all connected devices and low-cost SIMs make it easy to scale and grow efficiently.”

Produit en vedette RUT240

Routeur cellulaire 4G / LTE et WiFi compact mais puissant avec Ethernet et E / S. Idéal pour un déploiement rapide dans les applications critiques IoT où des fonctionnalités avancées Networking, VPN et de sécurité sont nécessaires. En savoir plus sur la page wiki


LTE Cat 4 with speeds up to 150 Mbps


Automatic switching to available Backup connection


Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality


Compact size, easy integration


Digital Input/Output for remote monitoring and control


Teltonika Networks Remote Management System compatible