2021 Use Cases - September

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/2021 Use Cases - September

Questions et réponses //

Pendant le webinaire, vous avez posé beaucoup de questions, et certaines d'entre elles ont été répondues à la fin du livestream. Et ici, nous aimerions partager avec vous toutes vos questions et réponses:

Q: Is there a possibility to integrate Payment Gateway API to RMS?

A: You can integrate RMS into your own system, by using RMS API

Q: Does RUT955 work on Band 42 and bluetooth?

A: Hello Wayne, RUT955 at the moment doesn't support Band42. Please provide more information to your sales manager or please fill out the contact form on our website, why do you need such band, so we could evaluate the possibilities. And Bluetooth could be found on RUTX series devices, not on RUT955.

Q: Was teltonika switches used in these treasure hunts? if no, what was missing?

A: Teltonika Networks switches does not have IP65+

Q: Can RMS be white Labeled?

A: Yes! We have numerous clients that rebrand RMS and use the platform as their own.

Q: Is the rutx14 dual sim with Dual modem or single modem?

A: RUTX14 contains single LTE Cat12 modem.

Q: Do you have any plans for devices working with low power protocols (like LoRa)?

A: We have NB-IoT devices, Lora is not planned in the near future

Q: What are the ways to remote reboot the device connected to teltonika router?

A: You can reboot the router using SMS commands, RMS

Q: Is there something in pipeline for POE on our routers?

A: In the future - yes

Q: Are there plans for use cases with TSW products in future?

A: There are already numerous TSW products use cases in our website

Q: Any plans regarding 5G?

A: Yes