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Questions et réponses // Votre heure locale

Pendant le webinaire, vous avez posé beaucoup de questions, et certaines d'entre elles ont été répondues à la fin du livestream. Et ici, nous aimerions partager avec vous toutes vos questions et réponses:

Q: What is the primary purpose of RUT955, is it permissible to use only for internet connectivity like normal routers?

A: Hi! You can use RUT955 as an industrial router or just as home router. It is universal because this router his multiple physical interfaces and can be connected to various devices. Please visit our product page for more information

Q: Also now, is Verizon compatible with your LTE device/GPS etc?

A: Hi! RUT240, RUT950, RUT955 are certified for Verizon network.

Q: Hi! Are there any specific features that differentiate Teltonika's equipment with other comparable products in the market? Knowing what makes Teltonika different would help me make better recommendations to my clients when they need to procure hardware from me.

A: Hi! All of our devices are different and special in its own way. But what makes us different is our products logic – Reliable, Ease of use and Security. Reliability - Our products are engineered and manufactured with goal to achieve the best reliability possible. Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Teltonika devices and all products are being periodically updated to eliminate any breaches in order to assure highest level of security. Teltonika Networks devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. Ability to offer products which do not require any special training is one of our strengths.

Q: Please show grid of US certification products/cat carriers

A: Hello, you can find all the certificates at our wiki page

Q: Can I get contacts info of your sales team?

A: Hi! You can contact us at our contacts page.

Questions et réponses // Votre heure locale

Pendant le webinaire, vous avez posé beaucoup de questions, et certaines d'entre elles ont été répondues à la fin du livestream. Et ici, nous aimerions partager avec vous toutes vos questions et réponses:

Q: Does any Teltonika device support VPN protocol, which would work without public IP address?

A: Yes, RUT2xx, RUT9xx and RUTXxx device series supports Zerotier VPN, for which public IP address is not necessary.

Q: Can you use Wireless and LTE at the same time?

A: You can use WiFi and Mobile WAN at the same time with Load Balancing feature.

Q: Does RUTX10 support dual band WiFi?

A: Yes, both RUTX10 and RUTX11 devices support Dual Band WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz).

Q: How can we create GRE tunnel by using Dynamic IP? What kind of IP SIM cards usually have?

A: Plain GRE protocol is meant to be used with Public Static IP addresses. If your devices have Public dynamic IP addresses, you can use other VPN protocols.

Q: What is the WiFi range of Teltonika’s devices?

A: Up to 100 meters in Line of Sight, up to 25 meters in buildings.

Q: Is RMS secure? How data is transferred from a device to RMS server? Does it support authentication methods?

A: We have article, which explains how communication with RMS is happening.

Q: Does Teltonika’s devices support Stateful and NGF firewall features?

A: Teltonika devices support Stateful firewall. NGF is not supported.

Q: Can Mobile data limit be configured over the air via RMS?

A: Yes. Through RMS you can connect to device directly and make desired changes on the device. You can send full device’s configuration (backup archive) through RMS to multiple devices at once.

Q: Is it possible to pre-configure the router via RMS, while the device itself is being shipped to the remote worker?

A: You can prepare desired device configuration and initiate its upload via RMS to the device. When particular device will be powered on, it will automatically download and apply its new configuration from RMS.

Q: RUT955 supports two SIM cards. Can it run both of those at the same time?

A: No. In case of RUT955 - Dual SIM functionality is not meant for bonding - it has 1 LTE modem and switches service between two SIM cards according to multiple configurable scenarios.

Q: Can you use a printer over VPN?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Does RUT device series support PPTP/L2TP VPN with Windows PC

A: Yes. All Teltonika devices, which support appropriate VPN protocol, can establish PPTP or L2TP over IPsec connection with Windows computer. We also have configuration guides for various devices at out Wiki page.

Q: What is the internet speed difference between CAT4 and CAT 6?

A: LTE Cat 4 modules offer mobile speeds up to 150 Mbps, while LTE Cat 6 can deliver speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Q: What is OpenVPN and how to configure it on Teltonika device?

A: OpenVPN is an open-source software that is used for creating secure point-to-point or site-to-site connections in routed or bridged configurations and remote access facilities. You can find various configuration examples at Teltonika Wiki.

Q: Which Teltonika devices can manage bandwidth?

A: RUT2xx and RUT9xx devices have QoS feature, which allows to set up bandwidth limits for specified network interfaces. Additionality, Teltonika devices with WiFi support can control hotspot client bandwidth.

Q: Do you provide fail-safe-relay between WAN and LAN just in case RUTX is powered down so that you would not lose all connectivity?

A: Teltonika devices do not have integrated batteries. Nonetheless, you can use third party UPS to maintain router powered on, when main power source will be lost.

Q: Any plans to add PoE output on router?

A: At this moment we are not planning to have router, which would be able to supply PoE. Instead we have plans to launch a switch, which would be able to power other devices through PoE.

Q: Can I use RUTX10 as industrial WiFi client?

A: Yes

Q: Please share a solution for solar panel monitoring.

A: You can find this use case here

Q: Where can we find a recording of the previous webinar on RMS?

A: You can find it here.

Q: Do you sell products which would support 5G?

A: We will, nowadays, there is more marketing hype regarding 5G rather than real business. We are actively testing and developing the technology and waiting for the right moment. IoT and professional applications will utilize 4G LTE - different categories for many years to come (Cat6; Cat1; Cat M1; NB-IoT and so on)

Q: When do you expect the 5G model to be available?

A: Hi there, no commercial 5G device yet, but we are closely monitoring the situation. The state with 5G is interesting - lots of marketing hype but not a lot of business is going to happen with it especially with industrial and IoT applications where we do most of our work. However, we know that 5G is important part of the future so we do have significant RnD resources assigned there - we will launch once we see commercial sense from the perspective of demand and cost ratio.

Q: Will your upcoming 5G devices support CBRS?

A: Currently it is too early to comment on this. When we will be developing device with 5G support, we would be able to provide more information regarding this topic.

Q: Can you use RMS for free?

A: It is free with every Teltonika Networks router or gateway for 30 days. After it is paid service, logic is very simple, you need for 1 router, 1 credit per month.

Q: Do you sell industrial or outdoor devices?

A: Regarding Outdoor products we are considering them. However, most of our clients require very different things from Outdoor units, therefore we see that all of them choose to use different enclosures (plastic/metal/anti-vandal/hermetic) where they mount there solutions along with our products. A great accessory to use in this case if such form factor antennas!

Q: How many devices we can connect to a router? Can it deliver the same speed to all clients?

A: It depends on the model. If we consider WiFi concurrent connections we can connect a lot of devices: for example with RUT240 - you can have stable service via WiFi to up to 50 users at any time. If we take RUT950 as an example - it can support up to 100 concurrent WiFi connections. You can check all that in our product feature pages.