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Questions et réponses // Votre heure locale

Pendant le webinaire, vous avez posé beaucoup de questions, et certaines d'entre elles ont été répondues à la fin du livestream. Et ici, nous aimerions partager avec vous toutes vos questions et réponses:

Q: For the IoT, can teltonika support RFID instead of bluetooth sensor?

A: At the moment we support bluetooth sensors. If you would like RFID support, please provide your requirments to us, by using contact us form.

Q: Are there any plans for eSim (for easy mobile network provider switching)?

A: Almost all our devices support eUICC. We are not planning to provide connectivity, we have partners, who are providing global mobile services. Please read this article: IoT connectivity partnerships

Q: Do Teltonika have product comparison lis from other products?

A: You can compere all of our products using compare functionality in our product page.

Q: Speaking about outdoor devices, any plans on increasing IP ratings for existing devices?

A: We are not planning to increase IP ratings for existing products, but we will release an outdoor router next year.

Q: What about gateways like Lora and NB-IoT?

A: We have 2 devices with NB-IoT and Cat M1: TRM250 modem and TRB255 gateway. At the moment there are no immediate plans for Lora device.

Q: Does Teltonika product portfolio desires to be increased with switches that can host more than 8-10 ports. Other than the recent T models

A: We are researching such possibilities to develop such device.

Q: And what about BLE ideas?

A: We have devices that support BLE technology - RUTX10, RUTX11, and RUTX12. Please read more about Bluetooth beacons and sensors.

Q: You showed a lot of market drivers and trends but I am wondering what focus Marketing from Teltonika will have for next year?

A: Our marketing campaign will be wide and focused not only on the European market but globally. As we try to be closer to our partners by opening new offices, we also speak the language of the customer. We will provide more and different webinars. We will show more use cases from different business verticals.

Q: What about the 5G router?

A: At the moment, we don't have a 5G router, but of course, we are thinking about that. When the market will be ready, and 5G coverage will be good enough, Teltonika Networks will have products to offer.

Q: Is it possible to have this presentation in pdf?

A: Please contact your sales manager.

Q: Can any of the products you produce be used for a IT support company? Im working with a IT support company who provide IT support to customers who dont know about IT. So my qestion is which of your products would suit this application?

A: Our products are used globally and daily by IT support companies. Please check our enterprise business cases.

Q: Do you have any plan for manageable switch with more port like cisco?!

A: At the moment we do not have such products with more port manageable switches, but in the near future we are planning to develop such devices.

Q: Dose any gateway device has edge analytics ability?

A: Routers from X series have the best performance from our product portfolio to act as the edge device. For edge analytics, you would need to use 3rd parties platform, but we don't other such capabilities at the moment with our IoT platform.

Q: Regarding RUT 240 Device. Can I use in RUT 240 Device SIM is separate network and Wi-Fi is separate network? Both SIM & Wi-Fi separate network?

A: SIM card network (Mobile Operator network) is always different from WiFi network.

Q: Is there any chance that you can release an outdoor 4g lte router with high antenna gain (dbi)?

A: We have plans for outdoor router for 2021. At the moment we are not able to disclose any more information.

Q: Do you plan to support new frequency bands for 4G, like 700 MHz and 450 MHz?

A: Our devices support 700 MHz and in the near future few of them will support 450 MHz.

Q: Do Teltonika support CAT-12 and CAT-18 in future?

A: We have such plans for the next year. Get the newest information from our sales representatives or subscribe to our newsletter.