2020 - A year in review


/2020 - A year in review

Pertanyaan dan jawaban // Waktu lokal Anda

Selama webinar, Anda telah mengajukan banyak pertanyaan, dan beberapa di antaranya dijawab di akhir streaming langsung. Dan di sini kami ingin berbagi dengan Anda semua pertanyaan dan jawaban Anda:

Q: Please update RMS Wiki as the GUI is different since RMS was updated. Thank you

A: Thanks for the tip, we are in the process of ugrading it.

Q: Do you have any 2021 plans for LoRaWAN gateway/connectivity?

A: Not at the moment.

Q: Any plans for VDSL embedded? VDSL + LTE woud be amazing.

A: Not at the moment.

Q: Do you have any plans for cat 12 or faster?

A: Indeed, we are planning to release higher LTE category devices this year.

Q: which Industrial Vertical Globally has max market share for Teltonika?

A: This is very dependent on the region, however a very large proportion of our portfolio is irreplacable in Industrial, Energy, Smart City and Transportation applications.

Q: Will it (or is it already?) be possible to remotely connect to a PLC or similar with the PLC software on PC over RMS with a connected router? Right now we can connect to the webinterface of the PLC but not with the PC software of the PLC

A: If your PLC supports RDP or VNC connections, you could also attempt using the RMS Connect → Remote desktop the same way you are using Remote HTTP(S) to access the web interface. Otherwise, the currently planned RMS VPN functionality would allow you to establish a VPN connection between your PLC and RMS device

Q: does TSW100 supports SFP ports?

A: No, but RUTXR1 does.

Q: Any plans for 5G products in 2021?

A: Yes, definitely.

Q: Share some info regarding the new devices planned to be launched in 2021. We know only on 2 on February. What about the missed 8 ?:)

A: We like to be a little secretive regarding this topic, we like to talk about new devices only when we are sure they are fully ready and have a clear launch date.

Q: Hi , you didnt talked about the 5G router in the 2021 plan

A: We are planning to provide you with 5G router in 2021.

Q: 1. device customization - yes or no? If yes, at what kind of volume?

A: Yes, depends on the case, please get in touch with your Teltonika Networks manager or write us at networks@teltonika.lt

Q: In presentation mentioned there was going be some 'consumer' LTE device - any info on this?

A: We will reveal more details closer to the actual release date.

Q: Do you have a CPE that can support bandwidth aggregation or load balanced on 2 or more WAN ports?

A: Teltonika routers does not support link aggregation of several WAN interfaces. Only load balancing can be used to split connections between active WAN interfaces.

Q: Do you see any potential in off-grid (battery/solar powered) gateways for NB-IoT connectivity?

A: Overall, we do, but we must see a larger scale adoption of NB-IoT, so far it has been rather slow.

Q: Do you have any plan for Bonding Solution ? , bonding cellular throughputs ?

A: We are able to offer this, however, the market dictates that this is a niche functionality, therefore we are gathering information on how demanded it would be amongst our clients. Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can talk about your actual solution.

Q: Other than LoRa, have you plans to add other wireless connectivity options other than Nb-IoT and Bluetooth that you already support?

A: In short, we are focusing on cellular and Wi-Fi based wireless connectivity with BT as you mentioned in some devices.

Q: Which new features will be added related to industry 4.0 ?

A: It's a wide topic, let's get I touch and discuss.

Q: Any plans to achieve IEC-62443 certification as a product provider?

A: We are very reactive to what our partners demand, as always certification is a matter or compatibility and investment. We encourage you to get in touch and discuss your actual solution and how we might be able to help.

Q: 2. any plans for modular systems- like lego model? is there a market for it?

A: It's not in our roadmap for 2021.

Q: Are you planning to develop a direct VPN connection to the LAN side of every router declared at RMS platform as standard feature?

A: Yes, we are planning to release RMS VPN, which will allow you to establish a VPN connection between RMS and you RMS connected devices.

Q: are there plans for a battery in the divice so that it can be find with gps if it is stolen.

A: We are about to announce a battery accessory comptible with our devices.

Q: What about WIFI6 products ?

A: So far, not on 2021 roadmap as the cost of technology is not justified by the demand of our target market.