Use Cases - September Edition


/Use Cases - September Edition

Pertanyaan dan jawaban // Waktu lokal Anda

Selama webinar, Anda telah mengajukan banyak pertanyaan, dan beberapa di antaranya dijawab di akhir streaming langsung. Dan di sini kami ingin berbagi dengan Anda semua pertanyaan dan jawaban Anda:

Q: Do you have a app for mobile devices that can access your RMS platfrom, for ease of monitoring all you RUT connections?

A: Yes we have, please check the RMS web page. Please search in mobile app shop by entering - Teltonika RMS

Q: Do you have video recording and slides for this webinar?

A: The video will be in our Youtube channel - Teltonika Networks. And all recordings of past webinars you are able to find in our Website -> Resources -> Webinars and then click on Past webinars. And for the slides, please get in touch with your sales manager.

Q: Your devices 5G compatible? Will it be possible to upgrade to firmware on the Old devices to make it 5G compatible or does it needs to be replaced?

A: At the moment, we don't have a 5G router, but of course, we are thinking about that. When the market will be ready, and 5G coverage will be good enough, Teltonika Networks will have products to offer.

Q: In the ATM app. does the gatewy use two sim cards for redundancy or global sim?

A: It depends on what the client wants to achieve, but mostly clients use two sim cards.

Q: Do you sell high gain aerials for your RUT range?

A: We don't have these accessories at the moment. But you can address this inquiry to our Key account managers.

Q: Is GPS data made available in 3 dimensions (x,y,z) or just 2?

A: By default, we use two dimensions.

Q: Is RUT955 POE enabled?

A: RUT955 doesn't have PoE functionality. At the moment we don't have router with PoE funcionality. We are working on such router.