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/Introducing The New RUTX12

Pertanyaan dan jawaban // Waktu lokal Anda

Selama webinar, Anda telah mengajukan banyak pertanyaan, dan beberapa di antaranya dijawab di akhir streaming langsung. Dan di sini kami ingin berbagi dengan Anda semua pertanyaan dan jawaban Anda:

Q: Will RUTX12 router support RS485 serial port?

A: No, RUTX12 does not have serial connections. However, RUTX12 has USB port where you could connect USB to Serial adapter/converter

Q: Will the RUTX12 router support LTE bonading in the future?

A: There is a plan to add LTE bonding feature but we cannot guaranty when and if it will be added. But RUX12 will be able to use load balancing on both LTE modules.

Q: Via what protocol Bluetooth data can be sent to remote server?

A: RUTX12 can send Bluetooth data to remote server or IoT platform via HTTP(s) or MQTT protocol. If you have a specific platform with specific use case that can't utilize our existing connection methods - always reach out to us.

Q: How fast is a fail over betwen two LTE modules?

A: It depends on the application usually. Both modems are active on the same time, however, some applications can require much more data and in this way it can take up to few seconds. But again, for example, for youtube, the end user would not feel the failover.

Q: Will RUTX12 router have E-Mark certificate as RUT955?

A: At this moment (2020-06-18), we have E-mark for RUT955, RUT850, RUTX11 and we are in the process of obtaining certification for RUT240; more details about certificates. If you do have a concrete need for Emark - reach out through usual channels.

Q: What BLE beacons and tags are recommended to use with RUTX12?

A: All curently tested BLE sensors can be found here under Bluetooth section.

Q: Will I get better prerformance on RUTX12 by using 4 LTE antennas?

A: Each module has 2x2 MIMO antennas. Using two antennas shall, most of the time, be beneficial.

Q: Is the RUTX serires router WebUI design is the same as for example on RUT950?

A: RUTX12 WebUI design is same improved design that we use on RUTX11 and other RUTX series devices. RUT950 has similar functionality, but RUTX12 has improved design.

Q: How to attach RUTX series routers to DIN rail?

A: RUTX series routers connect the same way as our RUT2/9 series. They are using the same din rail mounting kits. More information about mounting space requirements.

Q: Is there any fallback possibility on 2G/GPRS for any of the modems?

A: With RUTX12 you can fallback only to 3G as EG06 LTE CAT6 module does not support 2G network.

Q: Does two LTE CAT6 modules of RUTX12 improve cell handovers?

A: Modules work independently of each other. Cell handovers shall not be affected by having more than one modem in the unit. However, general performance in cases of network disruptions for one of the modems shall see significant improvement, as switching between SIM cards of two operators shall take maximum of couple of seconds, instead of one minute in case of a single-modem device.

Q: Is there any optional external antennas that can be used with RUTX12?

A: Yes. All related accessories can be checked at our RUTX12 page.

Q: So in a scenario where we get 2 x LTE sim cards each reaching up to 300Mbps, can the real throughput be transfered on the LAN ports or there is a limitation on the switch chipset?

A: Yes, it can. The ETH switch shall not bottleneck LTE speeds in any way. The only potential bottleneck would be the end device if it does not have 1Gbps Ethernet connection.

Q: Does RUTX12 sum LTE speeds so in total we can get 600Mbps?

A: RUTX12 sums LTE speeds via Load Balancing, and is very useful when there are many concurrent Mobile connections.

Q: Can the WiFi modules be used as WAN thus fail-over for the other interface (WAN and LTE)?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can use wired WAN, Wi-Fi and the two LTE modules as 'sources' for Internet connectivity.

Q: What is ther power consumption of the RUTX12?

A: Idle: <4 W, Max: <22 W

Q: Fall back to 3G including HSPDA and '+'? Or just 3G?

A: RUTX12 uses x2 Quectel EG06 LTE CAT 6 modules with support of DC-HSDPA, HSUPA, WCDMA

Q: Can I use USB port to connect serial device?

A: Yes, RUTX series devices will have option to use USB port to connect serial device by using 'USB to Serial' connection cable.