Use Cases - August Edition


/Use Cases - August Edition

Pertanyaan dan jawaban // Waktu lokal Anda

Selama webinar, Anda telah mengajukan banyak pertanyaan, dan beberapa di antaranya dijawab di akhir streaming langsung. Dan di sini kami ingin berbagi dengan Anda semua pertanyaan dan jawaban Anda:

Q: Is this possible to mass change root password and/or WiFi password with Teltonika RMS?

A: You can not change WiFi password via RMS.

Q: How many RS 485 based modbus slaves can be connected to one TRB145?

A: RS485 supports 32 slave devices.

Q: RUT955 can use micro sd? What is type / brand micro sd?

A: In RUT955 you can insert Micro SD card up to 32GB.

Q: Does TSW100 support remote camera restart by PoE output control?

A: It does not.

Q: Do you have any Cat-m or NB-iot devices?

A: Sure, check our TRB255 and TRM250.

Q: Can RUTX10 both devices communicate with each other through Bluetooth?

A: No it cannot.

Q: Do we have any wireless accesories for RUT950 to cover networks in the white zones. like if RUT950 is placed in a White zone, is there any compatible device that can be placed in a good network area, and that device then can send signals wirelessly to extend network range?

A: We don't offer Wi-Fi repeaters, but you can use any of our Wi-Fi enabled devices to virtually extend the range of the Wi-Fi network. This is possible, because all of our routers capable of wireless connection can work in a station mode and access mode at the same time. So, if you have a good wifi in a certain spot - you can configure another of our routers to use that wifi as WAN and further share the connection via wireless as well.

Q: Do you have any case study for public transportation (buses, train) wifi solutions?

A: Yes, check out use case: Public transport connectivity and Video.

Q: Can u please tell me what is the use of USB port in RUT955? like can we copy the videos to USB if its connected with Camera?

A: Please visit our wiki page for the answer - RUT955 USB Tools and RUT955 Memory Expansion.

Q: Port lan cannot change to port wan?

A: If primary it was wan port changed to lan port than is possible again to change to wan port.

Q: Are your Routers universal or software agnostic?

A: Teltonika Networks routers are working based on OpenWRT, they are not universal or software agnostic.

Q: Do you have documentation for solar energy utilisation?

A: Please visit our web page Remote monitoring of solar power plants.

Q: Please do a webinar on RMS.

A: We already did that Webinar - Teltonika Remote Management System - an Extensive Introduction

Q: Do you have uses cases for IoT?

A: Please visit list of use cases.