The latest news about RMS functionality!

The latest news about RMS functionality!

Teltonika’s main advantage is that we never stop moving forward, not only with hardware, but also, with our own remote management system called RMS. Currently, RMS offers a wide range of functionalities, but now, we want to announce important updates to the functionality of RMS. These new features will help our partners to manage Teltonika Networks devices even easier with RMS.

Wi-Fi management

This functionality will let users get the statistics of how many users were connected to Wi-Fi during particular period of time. Besides, you will also be able to see the amount of data consumed. To make it even more comfortable and user-friendly, we have added a possibility to see these statistics visualized by graphs, which will allow comparing data visually.

RMS Access

The access function in our Remote Management System is one of the best features, which enables the possibility to reach 3rd party devices remotely. This functionality allows to directly access WebUI or CLI of a device connected to Teltonika router or gateway through RMS. RMS Access enables users to be in control of infrastructure which is thousands of kilometers away without any local presence – saving maintenance costs and time. Even better – all of this is possible even without Public IP!

License to Credit

From 2019 07 01 we have changed RMS licenses to credits. Due to this, our customers can use and distribute them more conveniently. Also, from now on, credits do not have an expiry date which will give our partners possibility to distribute them without any time restrictions.

Tag information chart

Charts, graphs, and many more visualizing options were added due to the introduction of tag information chart. This update will let our customers visualize what the minimum and maximum values of each parameter are.