RMS Connect for Remote Management of Enterprise Equipment

RMS Connect for Remote Management of Enterprise Equipment


The enterprise sector is highly dependent on technology, and business continuity is a high priority for every company. However, the way we perceive the IT support is changing with technological developments. With more and more operations moving to the cloud, the usual model of having in-house IT support appears to not always be the most efficient one. Businesses are looking for ways to cut costs while still getting high-quality service remotely.


Every enterprise facility, regardless of its’ size, requires IT administration services. In some cases, the solution may be relatively simple: a company sets up a dedicated IT department in-house, which then overlooks the entire infrastructure. However, this scenario is not always perfect for smaller businesses, and a lot of them choose to outsource these tasks to external organizations.

In other cases, companies have offices spread over different locations, and having separate IT departments does not always make sense. And, with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, remote work has become a necessity for a lot of companies to be able to continue their business. The demand for remote management solutions is growing and the organizations are looking for optimal solutions to ensure their business continuity at affordable costs.


In this topology, RUTX12 routers were chosen to provide connectivity in each branch office. It provides the primary and backup connection with dual modem LTE Cat 6 and load balancing, offering speeds up to 600 Mbps, when using cellular networks. Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) is used for convenient and secure monitoring and management of the routers. It provides a possibility to detect errors, prevent downtime, and update the firmware to multiple network devices quickly and comfortably from anywhere in the world.

However, the most value in this solution is brought by RMS Connect functionality. It enables accessing every computer of each branch network remotely, just as if sitting in front of it. It is a very similar way to reach devices to using solutions like Teamviewer or Anydesk. However, besides offering a possibility to reach computers through RDP/VNC, RMS Connect may be used to access a variety of other devices within the same network via SSH or HTTP(S) protocols. This is a great asset, as there is no need for IT staff to be present at the office to resolve technical problems, and it allows for more dynamic resource allocation.




Teltonika Networks provides a possibility to access and manage not just the networking products but also thirdparty devices remotely, and using only one platform – RMS. It has a user-friendly interface and attractive payment plans. Moreover, we provide the possibility to choose what’s best for you and leave the rest. RMS adapts to your particular business needs.

Prodotto presentato Teltonika Networks RMS

Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) consente di gestire e monitorare comodamente i router e i gateway Teltonika, che includono tutti i dispositivi RUT e TRB.


Download the RMS app on iOS/Android for easy monitoring while on the move


Review your vehicle‘s trip history


Simplified maintenance and diagnostics


Multiple device configuration/updates


History of actions with devices


Device access without public IP address