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Domande e risposte //

Durante il webinar, hai posto molte domande e ad alcune di esse è stata data risposta alla fine del live streaming. E qui vorremmo condividere con voi tutte le vostre domande e risposte:

Q: Attacks are made to elements with most gains, while routers have remote management from central hub, this makes the management web as prime target, if your service is compromised, will it affect every router managed via it, or will it be separated to lot of sandboxes that attacker needs to open separetly ? This question is about RMS, just wanted to get clear picture, cause RMS presents a big target.

A: RMS service is running on AWS cloud servers, so it is highly unlikely for any potentially malicious 3rd party to get access. On top of this, RMS architecture does not allow to inject any malicious code and gain access to the routers.

Q: Can multible admins with different rights be set up. Role...based

A: If your device supports multiple users, this can be done via the WebUI administrator portal: System -> System Users You can add accounts and manage their permissions individually.

Q: Secure boot. Can you repeat the trust in the boot process

A: Secure Boot is a verification mechanism to ensure that only trusted firmware will be launched on the device. Secure boot devices are equipped with hardware root of trust which contains the keys used for cryptographic functions and in that way it enables a secure boot process. Secure boot process in the first step checks integrity and authenticity of bootloader every boot, then checks integrity and authenticity of firmware every boot and only after that verified firmware is started.

Q: How to purchase?

A: Please contact your sales manager.