Essential Level 2 Teltonika Networks Technical Training


/Essential Level 2 Teltonika Networks Technical Training

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ウェビナーの間、あなたは多くの質問をしました、そして、それらのいくつかはライブストリームの終わりに答えられました。 そして、ここで私たちはあなたとあなたのすべての質問と答えを共有したいと思います:

Q: Is there future plans of bringing the TRB142's ARM Cortex CPU and more memory to the wider range of TRB models, such as TRB255?

A: No, currently there are no future plans of changing TRB2xx hardware, since this modification would require to do so

Q: Is the Level 1 webinar available to watch somewhere online?

A: Webinar video can be found here

Q: Can RMS be used to control TRB and RUT devices that are only connected to the Internet via WAN/Ethernet?

A: Yes they can

Q: Could you share the link to the validation test?

A: You can find it in your own account at certification program

Q: What is the certification validity for L2 and L3?

A: The validity is for 2 years

Q: Is there any plans to implement 5G mobile technology into the RUT9xx series

A: We are currently working on 5G technology, but we are not sure under which hardware it will be

Q: One of the best qualities of Teltonika devices is the specific connectivity per device, which simplifies products and reduces costs. But currently the specs of TRB142 is vastly better than other devices. Is there a roadmap for new devices?

A: There are always plans for future devices, every year, we are trying to release new products for new markets