October 12, 2022

With ever-growing cybercrime rates having caused over $6 trillion in damages in 2021 alone, we prioritize the security of our devices to keep our clients’ solutions off these statistics. That’s why our RutOS operating system was tested by NTT Security Holdings - a specialized security company that provides testing services for ensuring software security. 


The RutOS (RUT**_R_00.07.02.6) firmware version was put to the Penetration Test of Cellular Industrial Devices. This test allowed the people of NTT Security to examine our devices' operating system through the attackers' perspective, aiming to identify any weak spots or vulnerabilities that could threaten to our devices' security and our clients' solutions.

What’s the verdict? 

NTT didn’t detect any vulnerabilities to immediate outside threats or malicious attacks in our RutOS operating system. Hooray!


We’re delighted with the results and proud to have an additional guarantee of the security of our clients’ solutions. The two most recent RutOS versions – (RUT**_R_00.07.02.6) and (RUT**_R_00.07.02.7) are invulnerable to such cyber threats. So, if you haven’t already, you can (and should) update your devices’ firmware to the newest version, found here, and fear no sneaky hackers.

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