Empowering ATM connectivity


The worldwide anticipation of cashless society might suggest an idea that Automated Teller Machines or ATMs is the thing of the past. However, statistics provided by The World Bank indicate that the number of active ATM machines around the world have grown by more than 126% in the last five years considering the number of ATMs per 100 000 adults of global population.


Nowadays, more and more people gain access to banking services and electronic payments around the world. ATMs are being deployed in new and remote areas, moreover, legacy equipment is being updated with state-of-the art cash machines. These ATMs are usually placed in shopping malls, gas stations, convenience stores. However, not all countries or locations have sufficient and reliable wired Internet access options such as DSL or fiber. Considering that VSAT communication is still highly expensive, this poses a challenge for ATM connectivity to be secure, affordable and reliable.


Technology integrators around the globe have already learned valuable lessons of relying on a single wired connection for ATM deployment. Even a few minutes of connection downtime can cost more than adding an additional layer of connectivity. Nowadays majority of ATMs are using industrial cellular routers with 4G LTE connectivity as a main or a backup source of connectivity between ATM and central system of the bank. Such routers must be highly secure, reliable and be able to establish VPN connections with advanced firewall functionality as well as support for multiple remote management protocols.



  • Quick and easy to deploy – Teltonika RUTX09 can be configured in minutes and the configuration can be multiplied across the fleet of routers using Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS);
  • Failover between wired WAN and cellular connections and dual SIM failover functionality allow to have much better link resiliency and service continuity even in an event when the service of primary operator goes down;
  • Advanced alert system can notify system operators in case wired WAN fails and LTE is activated via SMS, Email or other methods supported by the RMS;
  • By using RUTX09 with RMS system operators can access internal system of the ATM to diagnose and debug problems remotely.
  • With a wide power supply range of 9 – 50 VDC and GNSS functionality, you can power RUTX09 using a UPS and monitor the location of the whole ATM with programmable alerts for physical security of the system.


Security, reliability and ease of use are core focus areas for Teltonika Networking product development, RUTX09 has 2 SIM slots for different operator connectivity adding an extra layer of connection reliability. Auto failover feature can be configured to immediately switch to another operator in case the signal is lost. RUTX09 can be used in ATM connectivity tasks both as primary source of connectivity and as a backup, when wired WAN is selected as primary method for connectivity. In addition, RUTX09 features substantial security and remote-control features such as 7 different VPN services, Firewall, TR-069, SNMP and others to make sure your connection is secure and able to be controlled remotely. Finally, you can manage the whole fleet of Teltonika routers with Remote Management System (RMS) which enables you to have full control and remote connection from anywhere in the world!

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