Entering consumer market with a new product - TCR100


/Entering consumer market with a new product - TCR100

Soalan dan jawapan // Waktu tempatan anda

Semasa webinar, Anda telah mengajukan banyak soalan, dan beberapa daripadanya dijawab di akhir siaran langsung. Dan di sini kami ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua soalan dan jawapan anda:

Q: Does the pre-configured firewall in TCR100 differs from other Teltonika devices like RUT240?

A: No it does not differ

Q: Is it possible to update firmware automatically?

A: FW can not be updated without human interaction

Q: Is there RUT OS or modified RUT OS or something else?

A: TCR100 will RutOS 7.1 version during it release and will have some additional features in basic mode like guest wifi

Q: Why only 2 x ethernet ports and only 10/100 Mbit/s?

A: In most cases it is enough to have 100 Mbp/s ports

Q: May i know, how much is the MSRP so we can know which market we can compete with.

A: Please contact our sales team regarding the pricing.

Q: Is it a global version or only for Europe?

A: We are starting with a model for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, APAC (Excluding Japan and CMCC), Brazil, Malaysia.

Q: Is there any fibre port for uplink?

A: TCR100 does not have fiber port.

Q: What's the RRP and when can the first pieces be delivered?

A: Please contact your sales manager regarding the price and delivery terms.

Q: I do not see connectors for the WIFI antennas. Is there any possibility to connect external antennas to get more gain?

A: No, TCR100 has only internal antennas for WiFi

Q: What will be the channel distribution policy? Will you also sell directly to End Users?

A: Regarding the distribution, please contact our sales team.

Q: Is it possible to manage it from RMS?

A: Yes, TCR100 is compatible with RMS

Q: What is the RUT OS use inside?

A: TCR100 will be shipped with RutOS 7.1 version

Q: What is the capability of Cyber Attack Defense?

A: Our products are equipped with different cyber attack prevention systems, you can watch them at any product features table