How to choose the best accessory for your network infrastructure?

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/How to choose the best accessory for your network infrastructure?

Pytania i odpowiedzi // Twój czas lokalny

Podczas webinarium zadałeś wiele pytań, a na niektóre z nich udzielono odpowiedzi pod koniec transmisji na żywo. A tutaj chcielibyśmy podzielić się z Tobą wszystkimi Twoimi pytaniami i odpowiedziami:

Q: When will the antennas be available for sale?

A: Hello, all antennas are available. Please contact Teltonika sales manager or check your local Teltonika Network devices distributor.

Q: BAT120 specs tells: Battery capacity 2300 mAh 17 Wh

A: Yes it has 17 Wh.

Q: Can you daisy chain bat120 for increased connectivity from up to 6h to lets say 48h?

A: Hello, yes it is possible to connect several BAT120 in daisy chain to get more up time.

Q: Are you planning to build a version with an extended temperature range?

A: Hello, we are not planning to launch another type of battery in 2022.

Q: In my scenarios customer needs battery only powered devices. The 6h is too small. Please consider to add sleep function to your devices. We need to get the device running just to read the data inoput several time in day, so running whole the time is battery wating.

A: Hello, great advice.

Q: How long it will last with RUTX12?

A: It depends how you are using your router. Simply divide 17 Wh from the maximum consumption of the router. However, only less than a 1% of time router consumes maximum electricity.

Q: Can we use 2 or more battaties ? if we need 12 or more hours?

A: Yes, two BAT120 can be connected in daisy chain to extended up time.

Q: Is the battery also useable in automotive use case? How would you hook it up?

A: Hello, you can place it with surface mounting kit.

Q: Hello, the BAT120 it's now available for sale?

A: Yes it's available for sale.

Q: Is there any digiatal out (GPIO) at the BAT120 that I can connect to the router to get the information that the application is running from the BAT120 (when Power fails)?

A: Yes, BAT120 has digital output, which is triggered in main power failure.

Q: Can the LiPO-Cells of the BAT120 be changed once the capacity is bad.

A: We do not recommend this, but it is possible.

Q: It´s planned a 24VDC version for bat 120?

A: We do not have plans for 2022 to make 24 VDC battery.

Q: What is charging time for one BAT120 ?

A: If maximum capacity, then approx. 15 hours.

Q: Can Bat120 be connected in parallel or serial?

A: BAT120 can be connected in serial one to another.

Q: I saw in a video that I can receive notifications in the event of a power failure, how does it work?

A: In case of failure, BAT120 triggers Teltonika Networks router/gateway digital input, which then send SMS, email or HTTP request.

Q: Does it have a configuration user interface? does it have any parameter that can be tuned?

A: No it does not

Q: What type of alarm can Bat120 send to the RUT products?

A: SMS, email or HTTP request.

Q: The BAT120 works with every routers for notifications?

A: Yes it does work with all our routers and gateways.