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Teltonika Networks offers a wide array of networking products designed to make your connectivity reliable, secure and quick to deploy. Our products will help you build a solid IoT, M2M or enterprise networking infrastructure and advanced remote management capabilities will enable you to manage it with ease. If you cannot find a product that you need or if you are looking for something special, contact us as we might already have the solution.

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  • TRM240

    TRM240 + Compare

    TRM240 is an Industrial LTE Cat 1 Modem with rugged aluminium housing, USB interface and external …

  • TRM250

    TRM250 + Compare

    TRM250 is an Industrial Cellular modem with multiple LPWAN connectivity options. It features NB-IoT, …


  • TRB140

    TRB140 + Compare

    Small and quick to deploy industrial Ethernet to 4G LTE IoT gateway. Advanced VPN functionality, …

  • TRB141

    TRB141 + Compare

    Small Industrial LTE Cat 1 Gateway equipped with multiple Inputs/Outputs and MicroUSB port. Compact …

  • TRB142

    TRB142 + Compare

    Robust and reliable RS232 to 4G LTE Cat1 IoT gateway. Linux based advanced firmware with firewall …

  • TRB145

    TRB145 + Compare

    Lightweight and powerful RS485 to 4G LTE Cat1 IoT gateway. High performance paired with Linux based …

  • TRB245

    TRB245 + Compare

    Small and durable industrial LTE Cat 4 Gateway equipped with a number of Input/Output, Serial, …

  • TRB255

    TRB255 + Compare

    TRB255 is an industrial Gateway equipped with a number of Input/Output, Serial, Ethernet ports and …


Mobile & Cellular

  • RUT240

    RUT240 + Compare

    Compact but powerful 4G /LTE & WiFi cellular router with Ethernet and I/O. Great for quick …

  • RUT950

    RUT950 + Compare

    Rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router with advanced WiFi, Ethernet and …

  • RUT955

    RUT955 + Compare

    Professional rugged Dual-SIM 4G/LTE & WiFi cellular router. This highly secure and reliable …

  • RUTX09

    RUTX09 + Compare

    Next generation LTE-A CAT6 cellular IoT router with Dual-SIM, Carrier Aggregation and Gigabit …

  • RUTX11

    RUTX11 + Compare

    Most powerful and feature rich device within Teltonika Networking products range. Equipped with …

  • RUTX14

    RUTX14 + Compare

    Fast and powerful LTE-A Cat12 cellular router with dual SIM, dual-band Wi-Fi, and five Gigabit …

  • RUTX12

    RUTX12 + Compare

    Powerful Dual LTE Cat 6 router is designed for mission critical applications. Two simultaneously …

  • RUTXR1

    RUTXR1 + Compare

    RUTXR1 is our first-ever rack-mounted LTE Cat6 router with redundant power supplies and WAN …

  • RUT360

    RUT360 + Compare

    RUT360 is an updated version of our all-time best-seller RUT240. This compact industrial cellular …

Ethernet & Wireless

  • RUTX08

    RUTX08 + Compare

    Durable and powerful Ethernet-to-Ethernet router that runs on RutOS - an advanced OpenWrt based …

  • RUTX10

    RUTX10 + Compare

    Next-Generation Teltonika Networks Enterprise router, equipped with the Dual Band WiFi 5 802.11ac …

  • RUT300

    RUT300 + Compare

    Rugged industrial Ethernet router that comes with all the benefits of RutOS and the possibility to …


  • TSW100

    TSW100 + Compare

    First industrial unmanaged switch from Teltonika Networks. TSW100 is equipped with five Gigabit …

  • TSW110

    TSW110 + Compare

    TSW110 is a layer 2 unmanaged switch, which is a simplified version of our earlier product – TSW100.