O RUT105 Mobile Router é uma solução ideal para fornecer comunicações globais seguras aos seus sistemas, máquinas ou redes remotas.

This product is EOL.


The Mobile Router is an ideal solution for providing secure global communications to your systems, machines or remote networks. Using Teltonika Networks mobile router there are no distance limitations, for remote site monitoring!

All you need to get connected is the Teltonika Networks Mobile Router and SIM card from mobile internet service provider. Router includes quick and easy configuration wizard. The wizard step by step will help to set up 3G settings and create local wireless network within minutes. Built in firewall protects local network PC’s from intruders. The router by default is configured as DHCP server so that for wired connection your PC’s are configured automatically.

For the remote site management or remote access to the office local network it is essential to provide the ability to securely share applications and data between distant offices. Router includes build in IPsec VPN client and OpenVPN allowing creating distant and secure site to site communication. If user already has a PC with PPTP or IPSec VPN client software , router supports pass-through and is NAT-Traversal for the IPsec and PPTP data packets.


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