Introducing the RUTX14!

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/Introducing the RUTX14!

Perguntas e respostas //

Durante o seminário on-line, você fez muitas perguntas e algumas foram respondidas no final da transmissão ao vivo. E aqui gostaríamos de compartilhar com você todas as suas perguntas e respostas:

Q: No POE on ethernet ports?

A: Yes, you are correct, no PoE.

Q: Can we recommend RUTX14 for 4k live streaming for backup connectivity?

A: For sure you can

Q: Is 3 x CA supported from every provider/LTE network like 2x CA ?

A: Router is not limited to certain operators and if MNO supports 3 x CA in area, then device will utilize it

Q: Can LTE1 and LTE2 be live at the same time? Like RUTx12

A: Only RUTX12 can work simultaniously with LTE1 and LTE2.

Q: Does the RUTX14 feature one or two GSM modems?

A: RUTX14 has only one LTE modem.

Q: Is this failover between SIMs or provides speed aggregation via LTE?

A: Two SIM cards functionality in RUTX14 is for failover (automatic switching) or load balacing.

Q: Could you tell more about how dual modem works ? Are they connected both at the same time ?

A: We recommend to visit our webpage where RUTX12 is listed.

Q: Can Wan+ LTE12 SIM1 + LTE12 SIM2 be aggregated to expand bandwith?

A: No, bandwith cannot be expanded in this way.

Q: What’s the cellular module you use with this particular product?

A: We use Quectel

Q: What's the MRSP on this product please?

A: It would be the best if you would contact your sales manager or fill our contact us form in our website.

Q: Will there be a version with 2 modems like the rutx12?

A: It is not planned in near future.

Q: Does RUTX14 have internet bonding of the two network into one?

A: No it does not

Q: Which Soc will this device use ? Will it perform hardware crypto offloading (for IPSEC ...) ? Hardware NAT offloading ?

A: RUTX14 uses same SoC as other RUTX devices.

Q: Can the unit try both SIMs to use the network that has the best performance, or does it just switch to sim2 if sim1 link fails?

A: Yes you can, by creating rules in sim switch

Q: When does Teltonika 5G?

A: It depends, but planned for 2021 4Q/2022 1Q

Q: Can the RUTx14 support multiple WAN besides LTE.

A: Yes, it can.

Q: what will be the price level for the RUTX14?

A: It would be the best to contact your sales manager from Teltonika Networks or fill our contact us form in our website

Q: Does RUTX14 support 256 QAM?

A: Yes, RUTX14 supports 256 QAM for downlink.

Q: Is the RUTX14 certified Emark ?

A: It is not certified with Emark right now, follow our wiki knowledge base for certifications which are in progress

Q: Does RUTX14 have internet bonding of the two network into one?

A: No it does not