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Perguntas e respostas //

Durante o seminário on-line, você fez muitas perguntas e algumas foram respondidas no final da transmissão ao vivo. E aqui gostaríamos de compartilhar com você todas as suas perguntas e respostas:

Q: Is it possible to use your own 'RMS' system?

A: Yes, in the Technical Training we will be providing a RMS account which will be used for checking RMS features.

Q: When level 2 will be available?

A: Currently Level 2 is under development and should be released around September-October

Q: Is it possible to read GPS signal strength and from which satellites the signals are read from?

A: Regarding GPS signal strength - I am not sure, would need to check, but to view satellites - yes, you can.

Q: Hi , the training agenda, is it same as previous past 3 days training + certified certificate ?

A: For Technical Training - yes it is the same.

Q: Is the topic Cyber Security also considered somehow? At least how to secure the devices properly.

A: It is not taken in to the training, but open questions during training is very welcome. So during the technical training we can discuss this.

Q: Do we need to register as a partner to access trainigs?

A: Yes, you need to register in our Certification program -

Q: When does the sales training starts? and how can i enroll for it

A: We have one or two sessions every month. For exact dates, you have to register for our Certification program platform -

Q: I mean we implement the RMS functionality in our own backend..

A: From the provided information, it seems you would need to use RMS API which we have and you can use it.

Q: Technical training, do we require some of the equipment?

A: You need only computer and internet. That's it!

Q: When will eSIM become available? That would solve a lot of SIM tray extension

A: Already answered live. In short - if we talking about soldering SIM cards, - yes we have, just contact Teltonika Networks sales manager to get more information.

Q: What time zone would the technical training be performed in?

A: We have different times for this. Please visit our Certification program there you find all the times when we can perform test.