Use Cases - September Edition

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/Use Cases - September Edition

Perguntas e respostas // Sua hora local

Durante o seminário on-line, você fez muitas perguntas e algumas foram respondidas no final da transmissão ao vivo. E aqui gostaríamos de compartilhar com você todas as suas perguntas e respostas:

Q: Do you have a app for mobile devices that can access your RMS platfrom, for ease of monitoring all you RUT connections?

A: Yes we have, please check the RMS web page. Please search in mobile app shop by entering - Teltonika RMS

Q: Do you have video recording and slides for this webinar?

A: The video will be in our Youtube channel - Teltonika Networks. And all recordings of past webinars you are able to find in our Website -> Resources -> Webinars and then click on Past webinars. And for the slides, please get in touch with your sales manager.

Q: Your devices 5G compatible? Will it be possible to upgrade to firmware on the Old devices to make it 5G compatible or does it needs to be replaced?

A: At the moment, we don't have a 5G router, but of course, we are thinking about that. When the market will be ready, and 5G coverage will be good enough, Teltonika Networks will have products to offer.

Q: In the ATM app. does the gatewy use two sim cards for redundancy or global sim?

A: It depends on what the client wants to achieve, but mostly clients use two sim cards.

Q: Do you sell high gain aerials for your RUT range?

A: We don't have these accessories at the moment. But you can address this inquiry to our Key account managers.

Q: Is GPS data made available in 3 dimensions (x,y,z) or just 2?

A: By default, we use two dimensions.

Q: Is RUT955 POE enabled?

A: RUT955 doesn't have PoE functionality. At the moment we don't have router with PoE funcionality. We are working on such router.