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Perguntas e respostas // Sua hora local

Durante o seminário on-line, você fez muitas perguntas e algumas foram respondidas no final da transmissão ao vivo. E aqui gostaríamos de compartilhar com você todas as suas perguntas e respostas:

Q: Can you plug into din rail with the RJ45 connectors on the front panel occupying min space on the rail?

A: You can mount the TSW on the side, meaning it takes minimal space on the DIN rail and Ethernet ports are facing upwards or downwards.

Q: What type of accessories will you offer to support the new switch device? Like POE adaptor?

A: To begin with we will offer all compatible mounting accessories, power supply options will include the standard one with 60 W power budget, then another one with 120 W power budget and a DIN rail power supply comptible with TSW. Regarding additional accessories like you mentioned, we are working towards this direction and will share the news as soon as they come.

Q: Can be used 5 Port as POE?

A: No, it cannot.

Q: Are there any PoE routers in the roadmap?

A: We are closely monitoring the demand for these devices, but it is too soon to tell about our plans - publicly.

Q: How you configure the switch? Can you limit the bandwidth on each port?

A: As it is unmanged switch, you can't configure anything. All the configuration has to be made with router.

Q: Does it support switching of VLAN tagged packets?

A: All of this depends on your network topology, since TSW is unmanaged it only switches what you supply to it, what you have configured on your managed switch or a router.

Q: Will you have a 4 port managed equipment? Managed in RMS?

A: Hi, if you need a managed switch or ethernet router - our RUTX08 is a great option - it is compatible with RMS, but is highly competitive as it doesn't have any wireless interfaces.

Q: Does your router seupport Cisco's EIGRP or other proprietary protocols?

A: Some do, not EIGRP specifically, but we are always working to increase our product functionality and usability wth time. For example, you can access Cisco ISR from our RUT955+ RMS for remote management and console access, described in the Use Case - Out of Band Management for Cisco ISR

Also, we have implemented DMVPN, we have numerous networking protocols supported, I suggest you take a look at our RUT955 or RUTX11 to get the idea.

Q: Can we connect any other sensor with this switch beside the security products?

A: You can connect any equipment compatible with ethernet interface and you can provide power to it via Ethernet if the receiving device is compatible to receive both data and power over Ethernet.

Q: Is it possible to power the device with another via PoE?

A: If you mean powering the TSW with anothr PoE device - not quite. Realistically - the TSW needs around 9 W to work so if you want at least 60 W power budget, you need to supply TSW with 70 W of power so it needs a serious power supply.

Q: Is there a way we can monitor switch performance?

A: No, TSW100 is unmanaged switch, it does not have OS, to which it can be connected and monitored.

Q: In the standard package, if the total power budgert is 60W, does this mean we get 2 PoE ports?

A: It means, that for example, you connect 4 cameras, which each uses 10W of power, so in total, you would need 40W of power, so 4 ports will be providing PoE.

Q: Is there bluetooth and can I use external sensors as a temperature sensor?

A: TSW100 switch doesn't have BLE capabilities. Only our routers - RUTX10, RUTX11 and RUTX12 have such funcionality.