Questions and Answers // Your local time

During the webinar, You've asked a lot of questions, and some of them were answered at the end of the livestream. And here we would like to share with you all your questions and answers:

Q: Hello, doesn't it support gigabit ethernet port?

A: Hello, it has 5 x Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 Mbps). You can find Gigabit Ethernet ports on RUTX08 device.

Q: The RMS is an option or is it already included ?

A: I hope you see it now, that it is included. For 30 days it is free of charge for one device. Then you have to purchase RMS Credits.

Q: Will there be a version with the power supply entry in the front or (where the LAN ports are) or at the side but not at the back. This would enable din rail mounting on the oposite side of the LAN ports, which then uses less space in the controll cabinet (like the competition does)

A: We have such plans in the near future with switches and ethernet to ethernet routers.

Q: does this router have application layer firewall?

A: RutOS uses a standard Linux iptables package as its firewall, which uses routing chains and policies to facilitate control over inbound and outbound traffic.

Q: For automation - would the RUT300 be a replacement for Rockwell Stratix and Siemens Scalance automation switxhes ?

A: RUT300 is an industrial type router. However please contact your sales manger with exact switches models, since additional must be done for certification and etc.

Q: VLAN standard is IEEE 802.1Q. ?

A: RUT300 supprots VLAN standards 802.1Q and 802.1AD

Q: Really very nice product. I would suggest that DIN Rail Bracket comes included in kit.

A: It's optional. Please ask this your sales manager.

Q: HI Can you send the PDF Presentation to me

A: Please contact your sales manager.

Q: Does it support RADIUS Authentication and TACAC

A: No, RUT300 currently does not support RADIUS and or TACAC authetication

Q: To configure the FW and the VPN is there a GUI for that or just CLI? Also, configuring the routing say ospf, is the syntax similar to Cisco?

A: There is a GUI for configuring VPN. The syntax used in RutOS is based on openWRT.

Q: Where to buy RMS credits?

A: RMS Credits can be bought by contacting our sales manager.

Q: also where can i find the actual reference cases?

A: lease check use cases below on our product page: RUT300

Q: Do you plan to integrate for example 4 ports PoE Switch with some of your 4G/5G router, which would be very usefull for small video surveilance, and smart systems?

A: If you are looking for a solutions of 4 PoE switch and 4G router, then try contacting our sales managers, they will inform you about the possibilities.

Q: Do you consider version with some of PoE ports?

A: In the future there are many possibilities, just let’s wait for that.

Q: Is it possible to use your 4G/5G router as WiFi hotspot in order to connect periferal devices (for example cameras), in order to avoid difficult wire topology implementation?

A: Yes, our cellular routers like RUT240, RUT360, RUT950, RUTX11, RUTX12 has AP functionality with Hotspot capabilities. Check our Wiki page for more information: RUTX11_Wireless, RUTX11_Hotspot