4G connectivity for retail

4G connectivity for retail

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Nowadays most retail businesses are offering multiple means of payment. Regardless of increasing popularity of mobile payment services, card payments remain a must-have option in a physical retail environment. In addition, businesses around the world invest more and more into automated systems for stock control to have more operational control and transparency.


In essence, all card payments require an active Internet connection – to be processed and validated with central systems of the financial institution. General Point-of-Sale systems consists of payment terminal which can be connected via wired (Ethernet) or wireless interfaces (Wi-Fi and/or Cellular 3G/4G). Naturally, the more communication technologies a single POS device has, the more expensive it is to the end user.

Nowadays, barcode scanners are inseparable part of efficient warehousing and stock level control. Such scanners need an active Internet connection via Wi-Fi to reach stock management platforms.

Frequently, retail establishments are relying on a wired Internet access managed by a local ISP over which they have little control. Unfortunately, even today, no service providers are able to guarantee 100% stable Internet service without disruptions. Even a few minutes of connectivity downtime can cause huge losses for a retail business in terms of lost sales, clients and stock management interruptions.


Connectivity downtime can be easily resolved by adding cellular 4G LTE router between existing wired WAN and retail infrastructure that needs access to the Internet. This way, it is possible to use wired Internet option and share connection to POS systems via Ethernet and to barcode scanners via Wi-Fi using a single compact Cellular Router RUT950 by Teltonika Networks. Once it senses that wired WAN is lost or disrupted, it automatically switches to 4G LTE as a source of Internet to provide continuous Internet service to connected devices.


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Why Teltonika?

Teltonika Networks specializes in mission critical communication by developing and manufacturing reliable, secure and easy to use Industrial Cellular Routers and Gateways. Proposed solution for 4G LTE backup – RUT950 is also compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS). This platform allows to remotely manage & monitor status and parameters of all routers & gateways by Teltonika Networks. With it system integrators can stay on top of their deployed connectivity infrastructure, receive customizable alerts and reports to ensure 100% Internet uptime for their retail customers.

Рекомендуемый продукт RUT950

Прочный и надежный профессиональный 4G / LTE сотовый маршрутизатор с двумя SIM-картами с расширенной поддержкой Wi-Fi, Ethernet и поддержкой сетевых функций промышленного уровня. Быстрое применение, простота управления и гибкость для приложений в самых требовательных секторах рынка. Узнать больше на странице wiki


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