Connected surveillance in Cyprus police helicopters

Connected surveillance in Cyprus police helicopters

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Business challenge

In an emergency – response time is critical. Police, fire, search & rescue services are relying on various means of transport and surveillance. However, the landscape of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus consists of rocky hills and difficult terrain making it challenging for vehicles of emergency services to navigate the area quickly. Because of this, in 2008 Cyprus police has established Police Aviation Unit (C.P.A.U), which includes helicopters with primary missions to surveil the coast, patrol the island, highways to prevent drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and terrorism. Also, it aims to assist in early wildfire detection as well as search and rescue missions. Currently, advanced surveillance systems are available. However, state-of-the-art IP Cameras require equally robust method of communication to transfer data from the helicopter to the responder headquarters on the ground.



Eyescan Security Systems from Cyprus is a professional distributor of security systems equipment as well as a system integrator licensed to provide services to governmental institutions. Established in 2001, communication has extensive expertise within security industry to design, build, deliver and supervise complex systems for various size projects for residential or corporate clients. Being authorized distributors and integrators of major brands in the security market, EYESCAN lives up to customers’ expectations offering high level of expertise throughout all stages of complex security projects.


Connected surveillance in Cyprus police helicopters-BLUE


As presented in the topology above, the solution consists of PTZ type IP Camera connected to the industrial cellular router RUT950 by Teltonika Networks using Ethernet interface. The RUT950 uses 4G LTE to transfer surveillance images via 4G LTE to the control centers of Police and Fire & Rescue departments. Besides, the router and the camera are managed remotely from the ground, using Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS). Eyescan Security Systems is authorized to integrate complex security solutions for governmental institutions and have taken care of every step of this solution integration for Cyprus Police.


Why Teltonika?

Eyescan Security Systems chose the RUT950 by Teltonika Networks because of its connection reliability, security, and ease of use. Also, due to continuous moving and height changing of the helicopter, two cellular network operators must be utilized which is supported by Dual-SIM auto-failover functionality of the RUT950. Finally, Teltonika Remote Management System allows Eyscan to manage and monitor the router remotely and conveniently, without ever having to disrupt C.P.A.U. operations due to maintenance.

Рекомендуемый продукт RUT950

Прочный и надежный профессиональный 4G / LTE сотовый маршрутизатор с двумя SIM-картами с расширенной поддержкой Wi-Fi, Ethernet и поддержкой сетевых функций промышленного уровня. Быстрое применение, простота управления и гибкость для приложений в самых требовательных секторах рынка. Узнать больше на странице wiki


LTE Cat 4 со скоростью до 150 Мбит/с


Автоматическое переключение на доступный запасной канал связи


Беспроводная точка доступа с функционалам Hotspot


Две СИМ-карты значительно сократят расходы на роуминг


4 порта Ethernet с функциональностью VLAN


Совместимость с системой удаленного управления Teltonika