IoT enabled insights saves energy with fluid pump systems

IoT enabled insights saves energy with fluid pump systems

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The HVAC system market size is projected to reach $251.6 billion by 2023 from an estimation of $181.0 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 6.8%. The key factors driving this market include demand for improved HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and government regulations and policies for conserving energy. Furthermore, underlying opportunities in this space include increasing investments in construction sector and integration of IoT with HVAC systems.


Buildings and environments are dynamic; therefore HVAC systems must be responsive. Proper design, as well as on-going management, are requirements for sustained operating efficiency. However, the performance drift in classic HVAC systems is the cause of over $10 billion per year of wasted energy in the US alone. Construction and operation of buildings are responsible for over 39% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. For intelligent pumps, that are installed at the heart of an HVAC system, to be operational it needs secure and reliable internet connection for transferring system usage data to the cloud for analytics and energy sustainability insights.




The RUT240 collects performance data from pump controllers over Wi-Fi and securely forwards it to IBM Watson IoT cloud or any other IoT platform. Collected flow data is used to predict system operating requirements using intelligent controls and cloud-based performance management. Besides, it helps to make informed decisions on system retrofits using predictive analysis to downsize equipment and further increase energy savings.


Why Teltonika?

We offer products with robust industrial design well suited for mechanical room conditions. In addition, quick and effective technical support and ability to provide devices that satisfy global manufacturer needs help businesses to optimize their operations choosing Teltonika Networks as the single provider of critical communication IoT equipment.

Finally, RUT240 cellular router is fully compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) which allows to stay in control of your infrastructure while minimizing operational expenses.

Рекомендуемый продукт RUT240

Компактный, но мощный сотовый маршрутизатор 4G / LTE & Wi-Fi с Ethernet и I/O. Отлично подходит для быстрого применения в критически важных приложениях IoT, где требуются расширенные функции работы в сети, VPN и безопасности. Узнать больше на странице wiki


LTE Cat 4 со скоростью до 150 Мбит/с


Автоматическое переключение на доступный запасной канал связи


Беспроводная точка доступа с функционалам Hotspot


Компактный размер, простая интеграция


Цифровой вход / выход для удаленного мониторинга и управления


Совместимость с системой удаленного управления Teltonika