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Вопросы и ответы // Ваше местное время

Во время вебинара Вы задали много вопросов, и на некоторые из них были даны ответы в конце прямой трансляции. И здесь мы хотели бы поделиться с вами всеми вашими вопросами и ответами:

Q: Can the bus application also be used with the RUT950 instead of the RUT955?

A: Yes it can when only ethernet ports are needed.

Q: When will you build RMS to a fully fledged IoT platform,like enable full fledged end user dashboards viewing /analytics /white labbeling etc.?

A: It already has RMS Connect, which enables a possiblity to reach your whole network infrastructure. Furthermore, we are planning to expand RMS functionality in 2021 3rd Q.

Q: Regarding the cameras. Are they focused on watching live? Do they have the option of recording on the server or on the router itself?

A: They can provide watching live, they can store on the server, but they can not store on the router.

Q: Which product of yours would be the most suitable device for the warehouse management systems?

A: Depending on what you need, what you are going to connect, where your warehouse is. We suggest you to visit our webpage and compare our products with comparison table.

Вопросы и ответы // Ваше местное время

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