Гарантия и Ремонт

We guarantee our products 24-month1 warranty period.
All batteries carry a 6-month warranty period.

Post-warranty repair service for products is not provided.
1 Additional agreement for an extended warranty period can be agreed upon separately.

Свяжитесь с нами

If a product stops operating within this specific warranty time, the product can be:

  • • repaired;
  • • replaced with a new product;
  • • replaced with an equivalent repaired product fulfilling the same functionality;
  • • replaced with a different product fulfilling the same functionality in case of EOL for the original product.


RMA Criteria
  • • Customers are only allowed to return products as a result of the product being defective, due to order assembly or manufacturing fault.
  • • Products are intended to be used by personnel with training and experience.
  • • Warranty does not cover defects or malfunctions caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, catastrophes, improper maintenance or inadequate installation – not following operating instructions (including failure to heed warnings) or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used.
  • • Warranty does not apply to any consequential damages.
  • • Warranty is not applicable for supplementary product equipment (i. e. PSU, power cables, antennas) unless the accessory is defective on arrival.
  • • More information on what is RMA.


RMA return instructions
  • • Products that are purchased from us have to be returned according to our RMA procedure.2
  • • Products should be returned to our designated location within 30 days of receiving your Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form.
  • • Devices sent to warranty without prior approval from our representatives by unilateral decision might not be processed and returned to the sender.

    Steps to fill out RMA form:
  1. Login to VIP HelpDesk: https://viphelpdesk.teltonika.lt/ 3.
  2. Create new ticket and fill in the information about the non-functioning product.
  3. Follow the instructions from the engineer and wait until your form is approved.
  4. After the form is approved you will get it through E-mail.
  5. Print the RMA form and send it together with the shipment.
2 If devices were purchased from a distributon or reseller please refer to the specific company from which the devices were bought.
3 If you do not have a VIP Helpdesk account, please contact your sales manager.




  • • Devices must be properly packed (preferably in original box). Customer will take full responsibility for properly packaging the warranty products when returning them to us.
  • • Include only the device without any accessories.
  • • Please print the received Return Merchandis Authorization (RMA) Request Form and send it back alongside with devices.
  • • RMA number AND QR code in the printed RMA Form should be clearly visible on the outside of the box.


  • • Warranty items should be sent to the address that is on the RMA form. In case of any concerns regarding the shipping address, please contact your sales manager.
  • • Clients themselves are responsible for paying the shipment costs for returning the items. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • • We recommend using a trackable shipping service. We do not take any responsibility if the devices were not received to the address provided on form due to loss or stealing during transportation.

According to GDPR regulation, provided private data will be used with care and only for warranty purposes.
For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

By agreeing with this return policy, client confirms that all information provided above is true, complete and accurate.