New functionality on RUTX series routers

New functionality on RUTX series routers

At Teltonika Networks, we care a lot about our customer’s needs. We don’t just “care” - we continuously analyze what functions or features are most demanded in the market and make them available in the form of periodic device firmware updates! We don’t wait several weeks or months, to add new features, we add them right away because we understand the importance of time in this technology age.

Today we would like to present what new features we have added to the RutOS powering our RUTX series devices. You can download this latest firmware version (RUTX_R_00.02.01.1) from our Wiki page. Below you will find a detailed explanation of the main added features:

Bluetooth Sensors and Beacons

The usage of Bluetooth is growing with every new version of this technology. It is getting more convenient to scale IoT projects by adding more and more BT sensors and beacons. RUTX10 and RUTX11 are the first routers from Teltonika Networks that feature built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). It is an excellent protocol for IoT devices that operate on the limited availability of AC power and make use of battery power instead.

New functionality on RUTX series routers

With RUTX10 and RUTX11 you are able to connect sensors directly to the router instead of having to add a USB dongle or other peripherals. This eliminates the need for any additional hardware devices, therefore minimizing the overall solution ecosystem.

RUTX series devices with BLE interface are now are ready to be used with BLE sensors and beacons from Teltonika. The Bluetooth LE feature allows you to pair with sensors of all types, shapes, and sizes that give read-out information, show status or prevent an accident from happening. In some cases, it can be used to clock in or out at certain times, track assets, or even allow access to certain areas. You can send data from the beacons via MQTT protocols to your server or IoT platform and be able to connect multiple sensors and beacons within the range of up to 500 meters (in open areas).

New functionality on RUTX series routers

RUTX10 and RUTX11 routers can be paired with up to 200 Blue Coin sensors at the same time. To power on the sensors, you must hold an NFC enabled phone near the sensor and use the App to write the NFC tag to the sensor. Moreover, you can automatically find all the Bluetooth sensors that are in range by performing a Bluetooth scan in RUTX routers WebUI. Also, if you would like to use Bluetooth beacons/sensors other than the ones already compatible with our products, we can evaluate and make them compatible with our BT enabled routers.

Finally, we can provide SDK, which lets you easily download/view data, control the device, and create sophisticated data filters or triggers based on sensor data.

New VPN added - Stunnel

Teltonika devices have multiple VPN configuration possibilities. Such as widely used OpenVPN, IPsec, GRE tunneling, PPTP, L2TP, DMVPN, and others. With this new firmware release, we are adding Stunnel to our X series routers.

Unlike most other VPNs, SOCKS-based VPNs do not introduce any persistent control connection. This is highly preferable for battery-powered clients, as there are no keepalives. This also performs as good as direct TCP connections when clients frequently change their IP addresses, which is common in mobile environments.

New functionality on RUTX series routers

Notifications - Email to SMS

With Teltonika routers, you can specify different notifications to be sent to your email if the device stops working, reaches the data limit or in other scenarios. Notifications are sent to the specified email address or addresses. Additionally, you can make a rule that will detect when the email is dispatched and then, specified mobile phone recipients will receive an SMS with the same information as in the notification email (up to 400 symbols). This way, you will always be informed about your deployment condition.

Static IP lease

Security is one of the main focus areas for product development at Teltonika Networks. Commonly, an Internet router is an integral part of the whole in the solution. It links the other devices together and provides connectivity to the Internet, so by definition, it is subject to the risk of hacker attacks. To make our devices more secure, now you can specify which IP addresses you are allowing your RUTX series routers to use. Therefore only those who know this information could connect to the router

New Hotspot Features

With updated Hotspot functionality, you will be able to connect to Hotspot with SMS easily. Also, you will be able to specify MAC addresses, which are authorized to connect to the hotspot. Finally, you will be able to review and keep up to 10 000 log entries. If all of the standard Hotspot functionality is not enough to complete your solution, you can use other 3rd party captive portal and hotspot platforms. We made it easier for you to do so by allowing to specify custom URL parameters.

Site blocking list from a file

If you want to block entire categories of websites, you have first got to track down every single URL associated with those activities. Happily, there is a curated list combining the efforts of many communities that offer host files for blocking several combinations of categories. Now, you can specify the file containing the list of unwanted websites and easily upload it to your RUTX router settings. This way, you can quickly restrict access to entire categories of undesirable websites.