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Web semineri sırasında birçok soru sordunuz ve bazıları canlı akışın sonunda yanıtlandı. Ve burada sizinle tüm sorularınızı ve cevaplarınızı paylaşmak istiyoruz:

Q: Can the bus application also be used with the RUT950 instead of the RUT955?

A: Yes it can when only ethernet ports are needed.

Q: When will you build RMS to a fully fledged IoT platform,like enable full fledged end user dashboards viewing /analytics /white labbeling etc.?

A: It already has RMS Connect, which enables a possiblity to reach your whole network infrastructure. Furthermore, we are planning to expand RMS functionality in 2021 3rd Q.

Q: Regarding the cameras. Are they focused on watching live? Do they have the option of recording on the server or on the router itself?

A: They can provide watching live, they can store on the server, but they can not store on the router.

Q: Which product of yours would be the most suitable device for the warehouse management systems?

A: Depending on what you need, what you are going to connect, where your warehouse is. We suggest you to visit our webpage and compare our products with comparison table.

Sorular ve cevaplar // Yerel saatiniz

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