Energie & Versorgung

Energie & Versorgung

Energie produktion und verteilungsinfrastruktur ist besser vernetzt, da der Stromverbrauch gesenkt und die Wartungskosten gesenkt werden können. Teltonika Networks unterstützt Energieunternehmen dabei, verdrahtete und drahtlose IoT-Konnektivitätslösungen für die anspruchsvollsten Umgebungen zu entwickeln.

Use cases

  • EV charger management - Circontrol

    As global sales of electric powered vehicles (EV) are expected to climb to 2 million new vehicles in 2019, EV charging infrastructure is becoming more and more crucial in global shift towards more environmentally sustainable future. Circontrol eMobility solutions can be found in 52 countries with …

  • Remote monitoring of oil & gas pipelines

    Our lives depend on energy and while many countries are working towards more sustainable future with development focused on renewable energy sources, oil & gas remain the most popular sources of energy today. Combined, oil & gas account to more than 60% of the global energy consumption, according to …

  • Smart Grid & Substation communication

    The energy market is one of the most crucial industry sectors enabling our everyday lives. It requires constant development and innovation to make it more accessible and efficient. Industrial Internet of Things is a movement towards more connectivity & control in every aspect of industry …