Use Cases - August Edition


/Use Cases - August Edition

Fragen und Antworten // Ihre Ortszeit

Während des Webinars haben Sie viele Fragen gestellt, von denen einige am Ende des Livestreams beantwortet wurden. Und hier möchten wir Ihnen alle Ihre Fragen und Antworten mitteilen:

Q: Is this possible to mass change root password and/or WiFi password with Teltonika RMS?

A: You can not change WiFi password via RMS.

Q: How many RS 485 based modbus slaves can be connected to one TRB145?

A: RS485 supports 32 slave devices.

Q: RUT955 can use micro sd? What is type / brand micro sd?

A: In RUT955 you can insert Micro SD card up to 32GB.

Q: Does TSW100 support remote camera restart by PoE output control?

A: It does not.

Q: Do you have any Cat-m or NB-iot devices?

A: Sure, check our TRB255 and TRM250.

Q: Can RUTX10 both devices communicate with each other through Bluetooth?

A: No it cannot.

Q: Do we have any wireless accesories for RUT950 to cover networks in the white zones. like if RUT950 is placed in a White zone, is there any compatible device that can be placed in a good network area, and that device then can send signals wirelessly to extend network range?

A: We don't offer Wi-Fi repeaters, but you can use any of our Wi-Fi enabled devices to virtually extend the range of the Wi-Fi network. This is possible, because all of our routers capable of wireless connection can work in a station mode and access mode at the same time. So, if you have a good wifi in a certain spot - you can configure another of our routers to use that wifi as WAN and further share the connection via wireless as well.

Q: Do you have any case study for public transportation (buses, train) wifi solutions?

A: Yes, check out use case: Public transport connectivity and Video.

Q: Can u please tell me what is the use of USB port in RUT955? like can we copy the videos to USB if its connected with Camera?

A: Please visit our wiki page for the answer - RUT955 USB Tools and RUT955 Memory Expansion.

Q: Port lan cannot change to port wan?

A: If primary it was wan port changed to lan port than is possible again to change to wan port.

Q: Are your Routers universal or software agnostic?

A: Teltonika Networks routers are working based on OpenWRT, they are not universal or software agnostic.

Q: Do you have documentation for solar energy utilisation?

A: Please visit our web page Remote monitoring of solar power plants.

Q: Please do a webinar on RMS.

A: We already did that Webinar - Teltonika Remote Management System - an Extensive Introduction

Q: Do you have uses cases for IoT?

A: Please visit list of use cases.