New Cellular Modems – TRM Series!

New Cellular Modems – TRM Series!

We are very proud to introduce the first cellular modems designed and developed by Teltonika Networks. The first two devices from the TRM series will offer a wide range of cellular connectivity methods along with rugged industrial design to address all challenges related to the upcoming global 2G/3G shutdown. The modems will be configured and powered over USB interface and have external antenna for the best signal coverage.

Moreover, TRMs are compatible with DIN rail or surface mount accessories, meaning they can be fitted anywhere. From now, our partners will be able to choose from either TRM240 or TRM250 according to preferred cellular connectivity type:

New Cellular Modems – TRM Series! CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS New Cellular Modems – TRM Series!

The future of IoT and Industrial IoT depends on secure and reliable connectivity; therefore, we chose to implement state-of-the-art M2M cellular connectivity options into our new TRM series. LPWAN options of 4G LTE Cat-1, LTE Cat M1, and NB-IoT (NB1) are going to power the majority of IoT deployments for the foreseeable future and will coexist with 5G. All TRM devices are backward compatible to older generation cellular standards; therefore, you can implement TRM now for the project, which will be operational for 10+ years in the future – you can migrate from 2G to newer LPWAN options once they are available.

Telecom operators around the globe are switching off legacy cellular technologies, including 3G and 2G, reassigning resources to offer better 4G service and prepare for large scale 5G deployments. Regardless of where you are, 2G/3G sunset will affect all businesses in IoT and Industrial IoT fields. TRM is designed to address all challenges related to migrating large scale infrastructure to new cellular LPWAN. Even better – you can deploy TRM today using 2G and switch connectivity later to make sure your solution has the best cellular service available!

New Cellular Modems – TRM Series! SIZE MATTERS New Cellular Modems – TRM Series!

TRM modems are extremely small! With dimensions of 74.5 x 64.5 x 25 mm these modems can be fitted anywhere. They are all compatible with standard surface mount or DIN rail accessories, offering additional installation possibilities. All TRMs are equipped with an SMA connector for antenna so you can find best quality cellular signal in all situations.

New Cellular Modems – TRM Series! CONNECTION INTERFACE New Cellular Modems – TRM Series!

All TRM modems are powered and configured with a standard USB interface. The USB cable is provided together with the modem. All TRMs can be connected to any equipment running Windows, Linux, or Android based operating systems and can be controlled with a wide range of AT commands.