The latest news about RMS functionality!

The latest news about RMS functionality!

Every day people are searching ways how to ease their work. Teltonika Networks is doing the same by updating our software system called RMS, which helps our customers to manage their devices easier. Furthermore, there are many ways how we can improve productivity of our partners by using RMS. Below you will find the most important recent RMS updates!


You have more than one hundred devices in your RMS account and you want to change configuration in all of them? Now, it’s not a problem, you can easily change all your devices configuration in a single window. This will let you to save a lot of time, instead of a few hours, you will be able to configure your devices in a few minutes. With this feature, you do not need to make configuration on one device and download it, then upload it to all your devices. You also do not need to worry about changing IP addresses and other unique information, the system will make sure to change only what is relevant.

Device map location search let our customers to realize at which exact location their products are listed and using the search tab allows to find them by current street or city, which improves the productivity by not wasting time, when you have hundreds or thousands of devices in one single city or country. Furthermore, this feature uses Google Maps which gives you constantly updated maps.

System time zone selection

Do you have hundreds of Teltonika devices around the globe and some problems occurs? Do you want to know the exact time of that error and need to send it to 3rd party clients? No worries, from now on, you are able to do this, due to System time zone selection feature, which allows you to select the exact time zone in which the router is and check RMS logs synced with the particular time zone. This will let you to make all the tasks more efficient.