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Preguntas y respuestas // Su hora local

Durante el seminario web, ha hecho muchas preguntas y algunas de ellas fueron respondidas al final de la transmisión en vivo. Y aquí nos gustaría compartir con usted todas sus preguntas y respuestas:

Q: How long does it take to ship within the EU?

A: Teltonika Networks products usually ship within less than a week in the EU, since most of our products are always in stock. Poynting Antennas' lead times depend on their stock in their main warehouse in the Netherlands, but shipping also usually takes under a week.

Q: Will Teltonika Networks sell Poynting Antennas to its distributors?

A: We have no current plans to sell these antennas directly to our distributors. You can check out 3rd party solutions section or contact Poynting Antennas directly at

Q: What outdoor Wi-Fi antenna solution do you offer?

A: Poynting has a product series dedicated to Wi-Fi connectivity, but which one is the right one for your solution depends on several factors. Please contact it via to get a detailed analysis for your solution.

Q: Will the antennas also help provide a better indoor signal, in the case of comparing the RUT240 stock antenna vs. Poynting XPOL-1-5G or EPNT-1?

A: Yes. Poynting antennas provide a significantly improved mobile signal, which is then transferred to the router. This allows you to make use of that signal indoors.

Q: Are you planning to present more joint use cases with Poynting Antennas?

A: Yes. More joint use cases will be presented in the near future. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to stay updated.

Q: Could you tell me more about Poynting Antennas’ advantages over Chinese-manufactured antennas, which are way cheaper?

A: Poynting’s Antennas are simply of higher quality and performance, as we make sure to focus on bringing the best signal. We also always recommend comparing product datasheets to see differences in performance metrics.

Q: Do the antennas work both for 4G and 5G? If I change my router to 5G, will I also need a new antenna?

A: For most cases, the answer is no. Poynting offers future-proof antennas, so the majority of its portfolio covers 5G requirements as well.