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Preguntas y respuestas // Su hora local

Durante el seminario web, ha hecho muchas preguntas y algunas de ellas fueron respondidas al final de la transmisión en vivo. Y aquí nos gustaría compartir con usted todas sus preguntas y respuestas:

Q: Is it possible to restore configuration from backup file from old to new devices? Or new configuration on new device need to be done?

A: If we refer for example RUT955 as old and RUT956 as new, then yes - switching between RUT955 to RUT956 needs a new configuration on a new device.

Q: Will RUT241, RU951, RUT956 be using Quectel or Meig modules?

A: There will be both module options.

Q: As the SD card is eliminated in RUT956, are there an alternate solution provided?

A: Due to the different architecture compared with RUT955, the SD card option has to be removed from RUT956. If a device with an SD card is needed, you can choose RUT955.

Q: Does going from RUT240 to RUT241, from RUT955 to RUT956 and so on solve the existing global shoratage scenario in some way for chipsets and semiconductors?

A: The main idea to introduce these new devices, basically was to avoid any disturbances in the supply chain and be able to provide our devices to the customers. So these new devices and changes made to them allows us to solve the issues caused by the global chipset and semiconductor shortage.

Q: Does RUT956 and RUT951 have DNV certification?

A: RUT956 and RUT951 are new devices and we are working with the certification process. All certificates can be viewed in our Wiki - www.wiki.teltonika-networks.com