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Preguntas y respuestas // Su hora local

Durante el seminario web, ha hecho muchas preguntas y algunas de ellas fueron respondidas al final de la transmisión en vivo. Y aquí nos gustaría compartir con usted todas sus preguntas y respuestas:

Q: TRB2 can be configured with Two or More ModBUS Devices?

A: Yes, TRB2 can be configured to work two or more ModBus slave devices. Currently the limit for Modbus TCP/IP is 24 and for Modbus RTU is not limited in software. However, take in mind that more than one ModBus RTU slave can be connected only to RS485 interface, since RS232 do not support multidrop.

Q: How many Modbus Devices can be configured on TRB2 as you know that Modbus uses Port 502?

A: At the moment limit is 24 Modbus TCP/IP slaves.

Q: Can ETHERNET port of TRB2 be used as WAN port to have cable internet connectivity?

A: Yes.

Q: Main difference between TRB255 and TRB245

A: Main difference is cellular connectivity types - it will be covered during the webinar, but in short: TRB245 supports 4G LTE Cat 4 / 3G / 2G and TRB255 supports LTE Cat-M1 / NB-IoT / 2G.

Q: 1-wire supported?

A: Not with TRB2 series, however - we have 1-wire supported by another TRB family device - the TRB141.

Q: What is the standard Sim switching time from 1 Sim to 2nd Sim for TRB2 series?

A: Since TRB2 devices use a single cellular module the SIM switch time is approx. 40-60 seconds.

Q: Will TRB2 have VRRP and DMZ functionalities?

A: DMZ - yes, VRRP should come with future FW updates. Please get in touch with your Teltonika manager or directly to us and we could discuss including VRRP sooner if it's essential for your solution.

Q: Which kind of industrial protocol are supported?

A: Modbus TCP / RTU with MQTT gateway and Modbus data to Server functionality for HTTP(S), Azure. More about all of this TRB245 features.

Q: Does TRB2 support Zerotier?

A: We are starting with following VPN options: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP. DMVPN and GRE is planned. However, if ZeroTier is essential for your solution with TRB2 - get in touch and we might be able to include ZeroTier support for you, since it is supported in our other device families.

Q: How many multi drop devices can you daisy chain on serial communications?

A: RS485 can support up to 32 devices: 31 slave + TRB2 as a master.

Q: 1 Wire supported? How is RFID connected (on which port does it support) ?

A: TRB2 does not support 1-Wired.

Q: Can we integrate TRB2 with TRB141 for additional I/O requirement or any third party I/O device?

A: TRB2 and TRB141 can be used in same solution, however communication between these two devices can be achienved only via mobile network.

Q: Does the gateway supports redundancy?

A: If you are referring to data connection redundancy, you can use ethernet in TRB2 as WAN and cellular as backup.

Q: Is RMS under subcription fee or is it free?

A: RMS is free for 30 days with all Teltonika Routers & Gateways, and afterwards it is a paid service based on credits. 1 credit for 1 device monitoring for 1 month. Here you can find a list of RMS resellers to see the prices in the market - which would give you a general idea about the cost of the solution.

Q: Can we generate any logic inside the gateway?

A: TRB2 use the same RutOS operating system as RUTX, RUT9 and other devices. User can implement scripts, with SDK add custom programs or use included I/O to perform certain tasks

Q: Does it support store and forward features?

A: TRB2 gateway supports data buffering from Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus serial masters when there is no internet connection.

Q: Does it support Modbus over TCP/IP?

A: No, Modbus over TCP/IP is not supported.

Q: I noticed the Hardware RAM speed for TRB255 and TRB245 is 64MBytes versus TRB145 series @ 128MBytes. Will this affect the data speed throughput?

A: Good question, in this case no - we desing all of our cellular based devices to have absolutely no bottlenecks from the perspective of cellular performance. There is a difference in architecture between TRB1 and TRB2 series, however our goal is - as always - to ensure maximum cellular performance and reliability, because we know that the quality and speed of cellular services across the world varies greatly.

Q: Are they comaptible with Thingworx?

A: Thingworx support is planned in future.

Q: Does it running standard RutOS?

A: Yes, of course - adapted to support TRB2 interfaces and functionality.

Q: Does it support MQTT?

A: Yes, TRB2 supports MQTT as other Teltonika routers/gateways.

Q: Does it supports DNP3 or IEC 101 or 104 protocols?

A: No, DNP3 or IEC 101/104 is not supported.

Q: Does it need to reboot everyday?

A: This depends on personal preference, but TRB2 will work properly without rebooting.

Q: We like to send data from the RS232 (radar sensor) and GPS data via 4G/LTE directly to an MQTT server. Does this work without any modifications?

A: GNSS data cannot be send using MQTT. For RS232 it depends on mode used for data collection. If data collected with Modbus serial master, then it can be sent via MQTT, with other modes like: OverIP, it is not possible.

Q: I want to ask if it supports onvif protocol?

A: No.

Q: Does it support BLE Beacons?

A: No, TRB2 does not support bluetooth.

Q: What is the power consumtion?

A: Idle: <1.5 W, Max: <5 W.

Q: TRB2 series have atex certification?

A: No, TRB2 is does not have ATEX certification.

Q: SIM Card Static IP has required?

A: No, TRB2 can be used with SIM cards, which provides public dynamic or private IP’s

Q: Is it comes with inbuilt battery or with external power source is required?

A: No.

Q: Do admits the TRB use on an industrial vehicle?

A: Yes, TRB2 can be used in industrial vehicles.

Q: Doe it supports GRe tunneling like RUT series?

A: Yes.

Q: For dual sim, is it active/active state?

A: TRB2 has only one mobile communication module and only one SIM card can work at the time.

Q: Is it possible to store data (from modbus communication for example) localy?

A: Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus serial masters supports data storing until it sent to server.

Q: Difference between TRB1 and TRB2?

A: TRB1 gateways are single purpose devices, which are designed to bridge single type interface to mobile, where TRB2 has combine set of serial, I/O and Ethernet interfaces for communications with a number of devices.

Q: We need a model with 2-3 ethernet ports, 5G and solar panel plus batterie support. Any recomendation?

A: I reccomend to change requirements to 4G as 5G would not bring any significant benefits in the near future and the cost of the solution would not be very justified. A lot of our clients are using our routers and powering them with batteries connected to solar panels. This is possible due to wide power supply range, in the case of 4G LTE Cat 6 series devices like RUTX11 or RUTX09 - you can power them up between 9-50 VDC Depending on your solution we can adise on how to choose the right product, just get in touch with your Teltonika manager or us directly.

Q: Send alarms based on report by Exception. does the gateway supports that?

A: TRB2 can generate alarms using I/O juggler () or events reporting functionality.

Q: Does it support NTP server functionality, what is accuracy, application where we deploy GPS functionality?

A: Yes.

Q: Does both sim slots can work in active active mode?

A: TRB2 has only one mobile communication module and only one SIM card can work at the time.

Q: If I use this device with a camera can I relate a photo or video from this camera with GPS coordinates from the router?

A: Gateway cannot relate photo or video from camera to GNSS coordinates acquired from receiver.

Q: Has the TRB and SDK in order to develop propietary solutions on this device?

A: Yes, TRB2 will have SDK, which will allow to compile custom firmware.