LTE enabled photo printing services

LTE enabled photo printing services

Business challenge

The consumer behavior is changing. The rise of e-commerce, increased urbanization and overall pace of living are altering the way we procure daily services and receive ordered goods. The photography industry has experienced even more significant changes within the last decades. Going from analog to digital has impacted the whole industry and the way consumers obtain physical photo prints. CEWE – a leading photo service provided from Germany has deployed more than 4000 self-service photo terminals, which are providing services to customers 24/7, allowing them to print their pictures from smartphones, online accounts, and storage media. All of this would not be possible without a secure and reliable connection to the Internet, and CEWE has chosen Teltonika Networks routers to complete this task.



Capestone BV is a leading specialist and value-added distributor offering cellular and wireless solutions for the enterprise market along with 1st and 2nd line technical support and optional services such as M2M data plans. Capestone, based in the Netherlands, is one of the leading Teltonika Networks distributors supporting businesses and projects across all of Europe.

CEWE is a leading photo service and commercial online printing provider originating from Germany. The company has a clear focus on bringing technology and innovation benefits to the photo industry, and amongst many different business areas have implemented over 4000 self-service photo printing terminals to bring better customer experience to their retail clients.


LTE enabled photo Printing services-BLUE


As presented in the topology above, the solution consists of complex self-service photo terminal machine developed by CEWE. It contains screen for picture selection, electronic payment module, ability to read physical storage media, such as memory cards and USB drives. Besides, consumers can connect to the machine and print photos from their smartphones. The RUT240 was chosen due to small form factor and extreme 4G LTE cellular connection resilience with added essential security features.


WHY Teltonika Networks?

CEWE has chosen Teltonika RUT240 due to its secure and reliable cellular connectivity and ease of management with Teltonika Remote Management System. Also, installing cellular routers instead of seeking for wired connections enabled CEWE to deploy large amount of self-service photo terminals quickly and easily, because they did not need to rely and negotiate connection contracts with multiple ISPs. Finally, Teltonika RUT240 with RMS was the most valuable choice due to easy management, scalability, and industrial security features.

Featured product RUT240

Kompaktiškas, tačiau galingas 4G/LTE ir WiFi mobilaus ryšio maršrutizatorius su Ethernet bei I/O jungtimis. Greitai ir lengvai įdiegiamas, šis maršrutizatorius puikiai tinka aukščiausios svarbos IoT sprendimams, kur reikalingos sudėtingos tinklų, VPN ir duomenų apsaugos funkcijos. Sužinokite daugiau Wiki puslapyje


LTE Cat 4 with speeds up to 150 Mbps


Automatic switching to available Backup connection


Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality


Compact size, easy integration


Digital Input/Output for remote monitoring and control


Teltonika Networks Remote Management System compatible