Remote management of boring and milling equipment

Remote management of boring and milling equipment


In today’s business, selling a product often is just the beginning of the relationship. The after-sales services and support last long after the product leaves the warehouse, and it significantly affects customer satisfaction, and as such - loyalty. When working with IoT products, software and network challenges are not uncommon. The model where an IT professional would come and fix these problems on-site is quite outdated due to the global nature of many businesses around the world. It would be nor time, nor financially efficient. Therefore, having the means of supporting customers remotely is becoming essential. Together with it, reliable connectivity becomes a top priority.


Our partner, FERMAT, a manufacturer of precision sophisticated equipment for industrial use, has long understood that support is paramount for successful business continuity. They have clients in most countries of the world, hence, having a support office in each of them would not be feasible or at least financially-viable. The only way to provide efficient and timely support was by obtaining remote access to the equipment. However, various locations come with different connectivity challenges. Therefore, there was a need to ensure that solution comes with reliable networking equipment for primary and backup connections. Without question, the industrial sector requires secure data transmission, so this requirement was one of the prerequisites too. Combining their boring or milling machines with Teltonika Networks router RUT950 made it possible to offer an all-in-one solution to their clients that is secure, offers reliable connectivity, and can be reached remotely without any problems.



FERMAT is the leading manufacturer of the most powerful and accurate horizontal boring and milling machines, and cylindrical grinding machines, providing machine tools for all major markets worldwide. They use cutting edge technologies in all of their machines and always strive to create new ones, integrating a modular concept of manufacturing and machine tool expertise.



The boring and milling machines are sold with Teltonika Networks preinstalled and set-up RUT950 router to ensure reliable connectivity. RUT950 is a high-performance industrial 4G LTE wi-fi router designed as a main or backup internet source, which guarantees a reliable internet connection with high data throughput and data redundancy. Locally, the wi-fi connection allows controlling the machine using a phone, tablet, or computer. But the main thing in this solution is the possibility to connect remotely, using a VPN connection established by our router and the FERMAT’s server. All data is encrypted and travels via Sophos SSL VPN Client, although there are many other options to choose from. The solution can be connected to the internet via cable or SIM for backup (or for best results - both). Remote accessibility could also very well be achieved using Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) and be integrated into the existing company’s interface using RMS API functionality.



In the words of our partner, they discovered Teltonika Networks when they were looking for a product with a durable industrial device offering up-to-date functionalities at an affordable price. The primary and backup connectivity ensures network continuity at all times, hence enables offering a completely remotely managed reliable solution and helps to save time and financial expenses.

Featured product RUT950

Tvirtas ir patvarus profesionalus 4G/LTE mobiliojo ryšio maršrutizatorius su WiFi, dviem SIM lizdais, Ethernet ir pramoninio lygio tinklo funkcijų palaikymu. Greitai įdiegiamas ir lengvai valdomas, skirtas sprendimams reikliausiuose pramonės sektoriuose. Sužinokite daugiau Wiki puslapyje


LTE Cat 4 with speeds up to 150 Mbps


Automatic switch to available backup connection


Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality


Dual SIM – significantly reduce roaming costs


4x Ethernet ports with VLAN functionality


Teltonika Networks Remote Management System compatible