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Klausimai ir atsakymai // Jūsų vietinis laikas

Internetinio seminaro metu uždavėte daug klausimų, į kai kuriuos iš jų atsakėte tiesioginės transliacijos pabaigoje. Ir čia norėtume pasidalinti su jumis visais jūsų klausimais ir atsakymais:

Q: Which exact devices support Mesh? All RUT?

A: Wireless mesh is supported by all RUT devices which uses RutOS 7.1 or newer FW.

Q: is it possible to use dynamic load balancing?

A: Our devices support Load Balancing, but we are not naming it static or dynamic. You can assign ratio values to WAN interfaces. The ratio value represents the percentage of traffic load that will go through an interface.

Q: Could you specify the differences between wireless mesh and fast roaming.

A: Fast Roaming: Devices switch to the nearest router without scanning all available WiFi routers / access points. WiFi clients does not have to drop a connection to rescan for routers WiFi, but can instead switch between, dropping minimal packets. Wireless mesh: WiFi functionality which is used on multiple routers to ensure full WiFi coverage in buildings. WiFi mesh ensures that all devices connect to the same network and use the same SSID and password.

Q: Just to be sure: RUTX, RUT9, RUT2 series will support wireless mesh?

A: Yes, wireless mesh will be supported by these devices.

Q: Do you have the software from Bondix Intelligence (S.A.NE) available?

A: Regarding this software, please contact Bondix Intelligence directly.

Q: What should be the approx. distances from one router to another when using wireless mesh?

A: This is difficult to estimate because the performance of Wifi between routers depends on the signal strength and the signal strength depends on the obstacles between the routers.