Bondix Intelligence enables bonding functionality in Teltonika Networks routers!


/Bondix Intelligence enables bonding functionality in Teltonika Networks routers!

Fragen und Antworten // Ihre Ortszeit

Während des Webinars haben Sie viele Fragen gestellt, von denen einige am Ende des Livestreams beantwortet wurden. Und hier möchten wir Ihnen alle Ihre Fragen und Antworten mitteilen:

Q: Load balancing need to be configured in RUTX product, correct ?

A: Yes, everything can be configred on the router but also pushed via the server side to each router

Q: Is the bonding solution using an industry standard for aggregation?

A: No. There is no "industry standard" in regards of bonding. Compared to other solutions on the market, S.A.NE does not need a VPN for the bonding so you can use any industrial standard VPN supported by the Teltonika router to secure the connection if needed.

Q: What’s the difference between SANE and SDWAN?


Q: When sending application traffic using Teltonika Router with Bondix, does it send packet on all available internet uplinks? or it only send 1 uplink at a time?

A: You can activate this feature on the router by switching to "paket dublication" mode. If this is activated, packages will be copied and send over all available links at the same time, the server will allways accept the first one arriving. This comes at a cost, since you are increasing the needed bandwidth for each application.

Q: if not load balancing then how internet is used from different WAN availble from single router ?

A: By aggregating all available WAN links to a virtual single line, S.A.NE enables each application to benefit from the combined speed of all available WAN links. You connection will not be interupted as long as at least one link is active and available.

Q: Will the RUTOS stay compatible with the SANE Client? Or do we need to upgrade the SANE Client when there is a RUTOS update?

A: Yes, we are working with the Teltonika Dev team to ensure that S.A.NE is always compatible with the RUT OS. If there is an upgrade of the RUT OS, S.A.NE will either continue working or you will receive an update from Bondix. Of course, all your settings stay persitent when you upgrade the S.A.NE client

Q: Does it combine the internet bandwidth at the LAN when you are to conduct a browser speed test?

A: Yes, that is the advantage of Bonding. The combined speed of all links are available for a single application like a browser speedtest

Q: 1. What is the cost of the license and what are its types ? 2. Does the WAN have to have a permanent public IP address (from the RUTX side) ?

A: 1. S.A.NE is available via our reseller and distribution partners. There are 2 Versions of S.A.NE available: S.A.NE Essentials and S.A.NE Enterprise. The 2 licenses have different additional features but S.A.NE Bonding features are equal in both versions. 2. No, no public IP is needed on the Router side, but you can router public IP-Adress space to the router with the Enterprise verison of S.A.NE if needed. Please contact us directly under for further details.

Q: This feature is already available in latest RUT955 firmware? How is thie feature enabled? The S.A.NE License is only necessary if using the VPN Server and a VPN server is not mandatory?

A: The currently supported firmware for RUT95X is 06.08.5, it is installed by using the integrated package manager. VPN is optional, a SANE license and server is always necessary.

Q: is there a limit to the bandwidth capacity to bonding? for example can I bond 5 100mbps links to geth 500mbps

A: On the rutx 12 the max troughput we can achive is around 200 Mbit/s. Bonding 5 ETH links is not the typical use case scenario for the RUTX. The limitation is coaused by the available amount of RAM for S.A.NE. Example: to cache at least 1 sec of incomnt and outgoing bonded traffic, you will need around 40 MB of RAM available.

Q: What is the maximal throughput in bonding that can be achieved with the RUT95x & RUTX routers?

A: On the RUTX12 the combined max speed of a bonded connection lays between 150 to 200 Mbit/s depending on the characteristics of the different WAN links. Please also be aware that a very high latency line like satellite will make an inpact here. On the RUT 950 and )55 we are seeing a range between 50 to 80 Mbit/s combined depending on the link charateristics

Q: Hello, Are you saying Uplink speed and downlink speed can be managed with help of Bondix using multiple WAN ?

A: Yes. S.A.NE does a lot automatically anyways. For example, it will only use the other links if the main link is not sufficent for the application. But you can also stear traffic via they WAN priorization options in the S.A.NE UI

Q: Will the streaming example benefit of multiple wan links with upstream bandwidth for a single stream and will the stream have the packets arriving in order on the receiving side?

A: Yes, especially streaming is a perfect use case for bonding. let´s say your stream requires 10 Mbit/s upstream and your 3 links have 5,3 and 5 Mbit/s each, Bondix S.A.NE will give you the combined bandwidth of all links to send your stream in the best possible quality. The Server will handle the package reordering automatically

Q: does it bring any latency in transmission?

A: Yes, as I said nothing is for free in life :) We se a typical latancy increase between 8 to 15 ms depending on the quality of the server hoster.

Q: will the latency of the bonded bandwidth be affected by one high latency link among the other low latency links?

A: Yes and no. In gerneral S.A.NE will try to keep the lantency as low as possible but in gerneral the bandwidth delay product will apply sonner or later

Q: can we use this solution between RF data modem with Mobile network?

A: S.A.NE will work with every kind of WAN link as long the server can be reached over that link.

Q: Does it bring additional cost?

A: Yes, you will need to buy either a S.A.NE Essentials or S.A.NE Enterprise license to use it on the Teltonika router. The license always includes the server image so you can setup your own server relay or you can get this service via one of our resellers or distributors

Q: Is it possible to connect to a Cisco Mobile-IP system?

A: If you mean to use Cisco Ipsec throught the Bondix tunnel, the answer is "Yes". On the other hand, S.A.NE is frequently used to replace Cisco Mobile IP since it reacts much faster on connection interuptions and is also able to aggregate the bandwidth

Q: Are we able to see a live demonstration for the “optimise latency” setting?

A: Yes, please touch base with us via and we will make an appointment. You can also test this yourself if you have a RUTX12 router available with one of our demo servers

Q: What is the behaviour of traffic if you do trace route to google when bondix is enabled to the internet uplinks?

A: You will have an additional hop which will be S.A.NE concentrator/server/relay, Everthing else stays the same as before

Q: Customers have private network (fixed line tunnel, mobile network as APN), there is no internet connection. can we install as on-premise ssolution?

A: Yes S.A.NE will work in those setups too if the S.A.NE server can be reached. Please contact us via if you want to discuss your project in more detail.

Q: Is the transmission in the tunnel encrypted?

A: No. While the protocol utilizes SSL encryption for its handshake and the transport of meta information, user traffic remains unencrypted

Q: Tests you are running - is going from your server to WEB? or from your pc to the WEB? what is there any limits for max stream? can be max stream limited because of the connection speed of the server itself?

A: I f you do a test on your PC connected to the router, the thest will be executed on your pc via the router to the server and to the WEB. The connection speed of the server is important for the overall performance, for example, if you bond 150 Mbit/s on the router and oyur server only has a 100 Mbt/s uplink, the maximum bonded troughput will be limited to the server uplink of 100 Mbit/s. Our test servers always have at least 1 Gbit/s uplink or faster to9 ensure max speed all the time for multiple users

Q: Is the Bondix Server also a Teltonika Router? or this is a VM-based instance of Bondix?

A: It´s a VM which you can fire up at any cloud hoster. We recommend ubuntu because it offers the easiest install but you can install the serve on any linux based machine or VM

Q: Will default route go over the bondix tunnel, or can you set the routes that will used for the tunnel traffic/server and other traffic would egress out locally?

A: The server pushes routes (default route in most cases) to the client, which can be freely configured

Q: Do you I have to connect to Bondix server for the Sane app to work?

A: Yes, you need to connect to S.A.NE server if you want to use the bonding. But you can always disable S.A.NE on the router view the interface. If S.A.NE is disabled on the router, it will be act as a standrd Teltonika router

Q: How much the CPU percentage on the router is required when Bondix is running?

A: This naturally depends on current usage. Bonding capacity is limited by CPU. General load when mostly idle is however <1%

Q: The S.A.NE server is Linux based?

A: Yes it is Linux based.

Q: For the marine use case, what's the farthest distance an RUTX/RUT can be from a base station/POP?

A: This all depends on the antennas you are using and is not related to the router. It also makes a big difference if you are allowed to use a signal amplifier.

Q: RUTX14 with 2 LTE in the overview?

A: The RUTX 14 has dual sim but only 1 modem.

Q: When using the RUTX11 we can combine 2 LTE carriers. Can we add 1 additional LTE carrier with an RUTX router connected to the RUTX11 WAN port? Use case = 3 LTE carriers

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have partners in the Philippines?

A: Yes we are happy to bring you in touch, just contact us under or via our website

Q: Does it split TCP connections over different WAN connections?

A: Yes.

Q: Could be the server installed on premise?

A: Yes.

Q: The client and server SW based? Switch over time in server redundancy?

A: Yes, switchover time in server redundancy is currently ~15 seconds.

Q: Can you use SANE together with zero trust networks, say Net Foundry?

A: We never tried it until now. If you want to start testing yourself, contact us via or via our website


A: Please contact Teiltonika directly if you have any RMS realted questions

Q: When using the RUTX11 we can combine 2 LTE carriers. Can we add 1 additional LTE carrier with an RUTX router connected to the RUTX11 WAN port? Use case = 3 LTE carriers

A: With the RUTX11 you can only use 1 carrier at a time but you can use 2 SIM cards. If you connect another RUTX11 to the first one you will be able to use 2 carriers at the same time. If have a RUX12 and add an RUX11 you can utilize 3 carriers