Bondix Intelligence enables bonding functionality in Teltonika Networks routers!

This webinar is for anyone who wishes to:

- find out more about bonding functionality;
- learn how to use it;
- understand all benefits and
- hear real-life examples and configuration scenarios.
- Do not miss a chance to get all the answers to your questions from our Andrius Unikas & Martin Santner representing Teltonika Networks and Bondix Intelligence.

preguntas y Respuestas

Load balancing need to be configured in RUTX product, correct ?
Is the bonding solution using an industry standard for aggregation?
What’s the difference between SANE and SDWAN?
When sending application traffic using Teltonika Router with Bondix, does it send packet on all available internet uplinks? or it only send 1 uplink at a time?
if not load balancing then how internet is used from different WAN availble from single router ?
Will the RUTOS stay compatible with the SANE Client? Or do we need to upgrade the SANE Client when there is a RUTOS update?
Does it combine the internet bandwidth at the LAN when you are to conduct a browser speed test?
This feature is already available in latest RUT955 firmware? How is thie feature enabled? The S.A.NE License is only necessary if using the VPN Server and a VPN server is not mandatory?
is there a limit to the bandwidth capacity to bonding? for example can I bond 5 100mbps links to geth 500mbps
What is the maximal throughput in bonding that can be achieved with the RUT95x & RUTX routers?
Will the streaming example benefit of multiple wan links with upstream bandwidth for a single stream and will the stream have the packets arriving in order on the receiving side?
does it bring any latency in transmission?
will the latency of the bonded bandwidth be affected by one high latency link among the other low latency links?
can we use this solution between RF data modem with Mobile network?
Does it bring additional cost?
Is it possible to connect to a Cisco Mobile-IP system?
Are we able to see a live demonstration for the “optimise latency” setting?
What is the behaviour of traffic if you do trace route to google when bondix is enabled to the internet uplinks?
Customers have private network (fixed line tunnel, mobile network as APN), there is no internet connection. can we install as on-premise ssolution?
Is the transmission in the tunnel encrypted?
Is the Bondix Server also a Teltonika Router? or this is a VM-based instance of Bondix?
Will default route go over the bondix tunnel, or can you set the routes that will used for the tunnel traffic/server and other traffic would egress out locally?
Do you I have to connect to Bondix server for the Sane app to work?
How much the CPU percentage on the router is required when Bondix is running?
The S.A.NE server is Linux based?
For the marine use case, what's the farthest distance an RUTX/RUT can be from a base station/POP?
RUTX14 with 2 LTE in the overview?
When using the RUTX11 we can combine 2 LTE carriers. Can we add 1 additional LTE carrier with an RUTX router connected to the RUTX11 WAN port? Use case = 3 LTE carriers
Do you have partners in the Philippines?
Does it split TCP connections over different WAN connections?
Could be the server installed on premise?
The client and server SW based? Switch over time in server redundancy?
Can you use SANE together with zero trust networks, say Net Foundry?
When using the RUTX11 we can combine 2 LTE carriers. Can we add 1 additional LTE carrier with an RUTX router connected to the RUTX11 WAN port? Use case = 3 LTE carriers