Entering consumer market with a new product - TCR100


/Entering consumer market with a new product - TCR100

Fragen und Antworten // Ihre Ortszeit

Während des Webinars haben Sie viele Fragen gestellt, von denen einige am Ende des Livestreams beantwortet wurden. Und hier möchten wir Ihnen alle Ihre Fragen und Antworten mitteilen:

Q: Does the pre-configured firewall in TCR100 differs from other Teltonika devices like RUT240?

A: No it does not differ

Q: Is it possible to update firmware automatically?

A: FW can not be updated without human interaction

Q: Is there RUT OS or modified RUT OS or something else?

A: TCR100 will RutOS 7.1 version during it release and will have some additional features in basic mode like guest wifi

Q: Why only 2 x ethernet ports and only 10/100 Mbit/s?

A: In most cases it is enough to have 100 Mbp/s ports

Q: May i know, how much is the MSRP so we can know which market we can compete with.

A: Please contact our sales team regarding the pricing.

Q: Is it a global version or only for Europe?

A: We are starting with a model for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, APAC (Excluding Japan and CMCC), Brazil, Malaysia.

Q: Is there any fibre port for uplink?

A: TCR100 does not have fiber port.

Q: What's the RRP and when can the first pieces be delivered?

A: Please contact your sales manager regarding the price and delivery terms.

Q: I do not see connectors for the WIFI antennas. Is there any possibility to connect external antennas to get more gain?

A: No, TCR100 has only internal antennas for WiFi

Q: What will be the channel distribution policy? Will you also sell directly to End Users?

A: Regarding the distribution, please contact our sales team.

Q: Is it possible to manage it from RMS?

A: Yes, TCR100 is compatible with RMS

Q: What is the RUT OS use inside?

A: TCR100 will be shipped with RutOS 7.1 version

Q: What is the capability of Cyber Attack Defense?

A: Our products are equipped with different cyber attack prevention systems, you can watch them at any product features table