Entering consumer market with a new product - TCR100

In our latest webinar, we will be introducing our newest product — the TCR100, a consumer-grade wireless router.
We will be talking about what it offers in terms of connectivity to home users. Also, we will dive deeper into the inner workings of this router and introduce you to both, hardware and software aspects of it.
Additionally, we will present a use case featuring TCR100 and touch on the key selling points of this newest addition to Teltonika Networks' catalog of routers.

Questions & Answers

Does the pre-configured firewall in TCR100 differs from other Teltonika devices like RUT240?
Is it possible to update firmware automatically?
Is there RUT OS or modified RUT OS or something else?
Why only 2 x ethernet ports and only 10/100 Mbit/s?
May i know, how much is the MSRP so we can know which market we can compete with.
Is it a global version or only for Europe?
Is there any fibre port for uplink?
What's the RRP and when can the first pieces be delivered?
I do not see connectors for the WIFI antennas. Is there any possibility to connect external antennas to get more gain?
What will be the channel distribution policy? Will you also sell directly to End Users?
Is it possible to manage it from RMS?
What is the RUT OS use inside?
What is the capability of Cyber Attack Defense?
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