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/2019 July


from the heart of europe

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Teltonika products are designed by the brightest minds in our Networking RnD department located in Kaunas city, Lithuania. Our R&D team allows us to launch new products quickly as well as constantly improve existing products by adding new functionality.

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All our electronics are manufactured and assembled in our leading-edge manufacturing facilities in Vilnius city, Lithuania. This allows our engineers assure top quality of all Teltonika devices. Each and every device manufactured by Teltonika is 100% tested before reaching the client.

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Our Support team is located right next door to our R&D team. This allows us to provide the best support possible by offering short response time to each and every customer.

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Reliability is one of the core focus while designing devices at Teltonika. Our products are engineered and manufactured with goal to achieve the best reliability possible.


Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Teltonika devices and all products are being periodically updated to eliminate any breaches in order to assure highest level of security.

easy to use

Teltonika Networking devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. Ability to offer products which do not require any special training is one of our biggest strengths.